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  • Oh-Boy! by Organic India 1

    Oh-Boy! by Organic India

    on Food, Herb & Supplement Info

    The improvements aren’t confined to the bedroom, either. Oh-Boy! also relieves stress, promotes mental clarity, and boost immunity. You’ll experience a renewed sense of purpose with the confidence, health and stamina to improve your quality of life in many ways.Oh-Boy! naturally supports men’s sexual performance, strength and reproductive functions. Oh-Boy! increases vigor, virility and vitality[…]

  • Peppermint (Organic) 10 ml - Amrita Aromatherapy

    Peppermint (Organic) 10 ml – Amrita Aromatherapy

    Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil

    • Mentha piperita
    • Certified Organic
    • India
    • Oregon Tilth Certified Organic

  • Turmeric powder - 1 lb (organic) - Banyan Botanicals

    Turmeric powder – 1 lb (organic) – Banyan Botanicals

    Bright yellow Indian cooking spice that promotes digestion and overall health and well-being*

    • Cleanses the blood and promotes healthy skin*
    • Strengthens digestion and promotes healthy intestinal flora*
    • Supports healthy blood glucose levels that are already within the normal range*
    • Supports comfortable movement of the joints*

  • Brahmi Oil (4 fl oz) Coconut

    Brahmi Oil Coconut, Organic 4 oz – Banyan Botanicals

    Calm. Clear. Aware.

    • Supports the nervous system and brain
    • Calms vata in the mind, supporting concentration and memory
    • Promotes healthy sleep patterns
    • Cooling and relaxing tonic for pitta

    This rejuvenative oil is made with organic gotu kola and organic bacopa, both known as brahmi in various parts of India. The herbs are cooked into an organic coconut oil for a cooling application, this product is also offered in a base of organic sesame oil. Brahmi Oil is balancing to all three doshas and is beneficial for clearing and calming the mind and enhancing peaceful meditation. Brahmi is said to bestow intelligence upon its user and can be massaged into the scalp to subtly promote awareness and mental function. Used at night on the scalp, it can help support healthy sleep patterns and aid in the rejuvenation of the nervous system.

  • We offer a wide range of herbs, supplements and natural remedies for you to choose from

    Wellness products available at Psinergy

    In our clinic we carry a wide variety of natural health supplements, remedies, herbs, etc for your daily living. If we don’t have something you’re looking for – or are looking for something in bulk, we can normally have it in our clinic in about 2 or 3 days, or have[…]

  • Rediscover restful sleep naturally

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    When was the last time you fell asleep within minutes, and woke up feeling rested? At least 60 million Americans experience sleeplessness to a point that they seek support from a medical provider. In fact, sleep concerns in the U.S. add up to an estimated $16 billion in medical costs[…]

  • Boosting your Immune System during ChristmaHanaKwanzikaYuleSolstic 3

    Boosting your Immune System during ChristmaHanaKwanzikaYuleSolstic

    on Newsletters

    December News Happy ChristmaHanaKwanzikaYuleSolstic… Natural Options for Cold & Flu… Simple and Highly effective ways of boosting yours and your families Immune System a Holiday Treat: Golden Milk New Wellness Tools coming: …Addictions, Conflict and Stress Beware! Holiday Virus Season: Be careful when opening emails! Finding Holistic/Greener Businesses in the Twin Cities More[…]

  • Support for the Immune System 10

    Support for the Immune System

    on Food, Herb & Supplement Info

    With the cold and flu season upon us, it is always good to have a few things on hand as if and when it hits, most people don’t want to leave the house. Also, everyone currently gets 5% off their entire order through the dispensary, while Monthly Wellness Members receive an additional 10% off[…]

  • Triphala Tea to Cleanse the Eyes, Mouth and Nose

    on Ayurveda Daily Practices

    A daily cleanse of our senses allows us to interact more rewardingly with our world and to make our awareness more clear and precise. There are many techniques to do this depending on which sense you want to cleanse. One way is simply decanting a Triphala tea. Before bed boil[…]

  • Optimize Your Metabolism by Supporting Thyroid Function

    on Food, Herb & Supplement Info

    [Article from Organic India] We know that metabolism is possibly the most important factor that determines the state of our wellness, energy and beauty. We also know the thyroid is vital in controlling metabolism. Therefore, supporting thyroid function is a key element in optimizing metabolism.Our Body/mind is in a Continual[…]