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Alpha-Omega :: TOL Image for October

October Tree of Life Meditation

Alpha-Omega: This month is being represented by Malcut, the 10th Sephereth or the base Sephereth. Malcut is symbolized by the planet Earth and talks about the gross physical matter of the being.

This picture, according to Peter Mandel, is the Alpha-Omega symbol for the Tree, which is very fitting for Malcut as Malcut is the end of the lightening bolt that goes down the Tree of Life before ascending it’s journey again toward Kether and the Divine above.
It is also fitting for October, as at the end of October, for example, is The Celtic New Year aka Samhain. During this time, it is believed that the veil to the other side is at it’s thinnest, and hence able to communicate with passed loved ones, and hence showing that the end of this life is just the beginning of another stage of our development.
Meditate on this symbol for 5 minutes a day for the entire month. It will be interesting to see what shifts during this time.
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October 2011 News

from Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness


In this Issue:

Sympotoms of the Season
 • Preparing for SAD

Article: “Light: The Pathway to health and healing”

Natural Wellness & Psychic Faire :: Lighting the Hope within :: at The Nicollet

“On the Edge” with SchaOn :: Lighting the Hope within ::

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Now is the time to start preparing for the winter months. With less daylight, many people tend to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Right now is the best time to start working on curving this if it is something you know that you are prone to, instead of waiting till you are in the thrawls of it.

Some of the natural ways you may be able to work on this are:

  • Utilizing SAD Lights at work or where you are frequently. Personally, I use Daylight CFL bulbs with a color tempurature of 6500K at the 100-watt equivelant, and this seems to help keep my mood up during the winter months. For people in offices, if you can have lamps at your desk, purchase a clip lamp that you can put the bulb into. Have this clipped above you so it shines down on you while you work all day long. This is a much less expensive option than a SAD Light.
  • Research the uses of Vitamin D and see if that is something that may benefit you. Our natural source of Vitamin D is the sun, and with less daylight during the winter months, some people find a Vitamin D supplement beneficial.
  • Meditation (see NCCAM Article about Meditation)
  • If you have a Color Light Set or the 10 Color LED, you can “wash” the bottom of your feet (left side, then right side, starting at the big toe stroking down to the heel of the foot, back up to the base of the toe, back and forth until you reach the other side of the foot. Each foot should take about 30 seconds to a minute.) with Orange light to help uplift the mood. Doing this in the AM, afternoon, or early evening. Do not do it to late at night as it can cause most people to have a hard time falling asleep. (email me if you want a picture of this, or just ask about it in your next appointment)
  • If you have trouble waking up in the morning, you can also place the orange light in the center of your palm (left side, then right side) for 30 seconds each. Some people have said that after doing this for about 3 to 5 days helps to curb their need for coffee in the morning.
  • Also, remember to stay well hydrated in the winter months. Many people forget that a lot of moisture is pulled from us during this time. Proper hydration helps to keep the body at a balanced tempurature.

As always, if you have concerns, please always consult your allopathic physician.

Light: The Pathway to health and healing

Light: The Pathway to health and healing

Esogetics: Healing through Color, Light and Crystals
The use of color, light, and crystals in healing is not a new idea. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Babylonians (probably even the ancient Sumerians) and other ancient civilizations had great temples dedicated specifically for this type of healing. Almost every major religion and spiritual practice today talks about the light within, the light above, being connected to the light, and instills that the path to true health and life is via light.
Natural Wellness Sundays @ the Nicollet Coffee House

Natural Wellness Sunday’s

Come meet and experience some of the best Natural Wellness Practitioners and Psychic/Readers from the Twin Cities! This month, there will also be Aura Photography, Ghost Investigators for Q&A, Psychic Readers, Community Resources, Natural Wellness Products & Services and more at the event!
Sunday, October 9th, 2011
Noon to 6 PM
Where / Hosted by:
1931 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404     map
Admission is Free! ALL Services are $1/minute
"On the Edge" w/ SchaOn: Holistic Sunday's... 2nd Sunday of each month

“On the Edge” with SchaOn :: Lighting the Hope within ::

Join us LIVE from The Nicollet’s monthly Natural Wellness & Psychic Faire!
Get a preview of the day’s activities before the event as the practitioners set up between 11 and Noon. Then, come down after the show and join us in-person from Noon to 6 PM.
Great food …Lively Conversation …Ample & Affordable opportunities to find ways to “Light the Hope within”.
Listen live on September 11th from 11 AM to Noon …All live from The Nicollet, 1931 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

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