Happy Winter Solstice …a Mid-December Update

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Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 1

Winter Solstice

Mid-December Update

In this update:

  • Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 2Setting
    Positive Intentions for the Year to Come
    Ending of the Old, Bringing in the New
  • I’m Cold! What
    can you do?
  • Dealing with Family Drama with
    Tulsi Tea (aka Holy Basil or “The Queen
    of Herbs”)
  • Traumeel ~some
    Awesome stuff and a must have during the
    Winter (or Sports) season
  • Dream Zones for Inner-Direction (Subconscious,
    Cramp, Partnership & Memory)
  • Meaning of Colors:
    Red & Green
  • Start the New Year out right with
  • Monthly Memberships for
    Families, Individuals & New Transmitter
    Relay 3-month Membership
  • Next Newsletter Preview: The
    Kidney/Bladder Season of Winter

Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 3


Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 4


Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 5


Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 6


Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 7

Forward to
Ending the Old, Bringing in the New

by SchaOn Blodgett, CCP,

This is generally the time
of year where we bustle
around and stress ourselves
out more than any other time
of the year. Family
obligations, finding the
‘right’ gift for those
special someones, having to
prepare a Turkey (and you
don’t want to give anyone
food poisoning), hot dishes,
hams, etc.
I am always amazed that the
stress hasn’t killed us
when December 31st arrives
and we celebrate the ending
of the old year, and rejoice
in the possibilities of the
new, and to have realized we
made it through the hectic
November and December
‘Holiday’ Season. At the
stroke of Midnight, we look
back through the previous
years, searching our soul
and consciousness for the
‘perfect’ New Year’s
Resolution that will
hopefully make us a better
person; Losing weight,
quitting smoking, stop
swearing, actually using
that gym membership, being
happy inside/with ourselves,
not dating ‘losers’, and the
list goes on.
The reason, I
believe, that we
make ‘New Year
Resolutions’ is
because it is at
this time that
the sun begins
to grow again.
Many of us are
familiar with
intentions on
either the New
Moon or the Full
Moon, though, I
don’t think many
of us have truly
thought about
the intentions
we set (or
should we say
resolutions), on
the ‘New’ Sun…
aka the Winter
Solstice, or the
‘Full’ Sun, aka
the Summer
Solstice. I
would go to
say… that on
some level of
our being
though, we know
this, though
have forgotten
the tools that
we each carry

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Dealing with Family Drama

with Tulsi
Tea! Yummmm

One of my new favorite teas is made with an
herb called Tulsi,
aka Holy Basil aka The Queen of Herbs. As
some of you have already seen and
experienced this wonderful tea as we
recently started offering it in our office
for you to drink while your are here.

Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 8Tulsi,
according to natural medicine resources, has
many benefits:

  • Reduces Stress*
  • Supports the Immune System*
  • Is Abundant in Antioxidants*
  • Builds Stamina*
  • Powerful Adaptogen*
  • Aids Digestion*
  • Anti-Aging*
  • Balances Metabolism*
  • Balances Energy Levels*
  • Uplifts Mood*

Before bringing this tea into the office,
André and I actually had tried it at home on
a particularly stressful day… and have
been drinking it on a regular basis ever
since. If you have a particularly stressful
holiday season (or any other time)… this
is a tea to try!

So far, we have found the widest selection
of this tea (Tulsi by Organic
) at Mastel’s,
though other retailers also sell it.

*As always, these statements (or any
other in our newsletters, etc), have not
been evaluated by the FDA. This product, or
any services, are not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 9


by Heel,

something that I have
heard of from several
Holistic Health
Professionals over the
years, though never had
the opportunity to use
it, until recently.Some of you know that I
have been in 2 car
accidents over the last
few weeks which caused
neck pain (whiplash),
brain & thinking issues,
general spine pain,
headaches and much more.
(FYI – I am healing
wonderfully fast, and
utilizing 100% Holistic
Options at this point!

Traumeel, a homeopathic
remedy, is one of the
products that I
personally used to help
me through this process
of healing. It comes in
a liquid and pill form
(to take internally) as
well an ointment and gel
to use externally. For
my situation, I
was utilizing the Liquid
and Gel versions several
times per day, and
generally worked very
quickly (within

Keep in mind though,
this is not a
replacement for
allopathic medical
care… or in my case of
car accidents… not a
replacement for
Chiropractic, Massage
and Colorpuncture

Heel, the maker of
Traumeel, has been
around since 1936. Find
out more about Heel

Traumeel is available
locally at Mastel’s,
Whole Foods, Seward
, as well as many
other places

Monthly Memberships

We are now offering 2 Levels of
Monthly Memberships.

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    their membership!
    +Membership stops renewal
    after 3 times

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Next Newsletter…

Talking about the Kidney /
Bladder Season (Winter)

I’m Cold!

What can I do?

Many people forget that even
during the Winter we need to
be drinking adequate amounts
of water each and every day.
Proper hydration helps
maintain metabolism, as well
as helps maintain proper
body temperature.

How much water?
A simple rule is to take
your body weight and divide
by 2, and that’s how many
ounces of water you need to
drink each day, minimum.

I.E. 180
lbs / 2 =
90 ounces / 8 oz. glass
11.25 glasses, or round
up to 12.

Dream Zones for

Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 10

The zones of Inner-Direction
promotes insight into
onesself.These 4 zones – Partnership
and Memory, Subconscious and
Cramp, when stimulated in
order, can be a very
transformative at-home
therapy. The rubbing of
these area can strengthen
direction-pointing dreams
(great to use right before
the New Year / Winter

For detailed instructions,
go to the additional
excerpt from the Dream Disk
read from pages 114 to 118
(in the PDF they are pages
12 to 16)


Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 11

The Meaning of Colors


Red penetrates into the body
deeply as the wavelength is
wider, and hence able to go
around the cells easier. Red
is used in all cases of low
or inadequate blood supply,
it is the color of the
heart, lungs, and muscles.
It raises the blood pressure
as well as the breath
frequency, enhances
circulation and is used for
treating puss-free wounds
and inflammation, skin
diseases, chronic coughs,
asthma, inflammation of the
throat, anemia and herpes.
Red also makes a person
talkative, more animated,
happy, eager and passionate.
Green –
Green is a neutralizing
color. We utilize this color
to work on metabolism
issues, diabetic responses,
chronic diseases, ulcers,
cysts, and eye disorders.
Green has a harmonizing and
balancing effect, and brings
contentment, sedates and

Happy Winter Solstice ...a Mid-December Update 12

Start the New Year right with

The Transmitter Relays (also called
the “Watchman of the Gate”)
a specific segment of therapies
within the Esogetics system that
specifically deal with the life
lessons or life patterns that have
been created, and hence what will be
created based on previously
experienced life patterns
(conflicts). The therapy of the
Transmitter Relays is one
possibility for soul transformation.
The transmitter relays, if done in
its entirety, are done over 12 weeks
(1 session/week), though a shorter
segment of 6 sessions is possible by
only going through the first 4


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