AscendYourWater Life Bottles now at Psinergy

AscendYourWater Life Bottles now at Psinergy 1

Carrying Codes For
Ascension; the Expansion of
Love & Unity Consciousness

The Life Bottle~ a Tool for Expanding
Ascend your Water Life Bottle at Psinergy
The work of scientist and researchers
like Masaru Emoto, Konstantin Korotkov and many others has proven beyond a
doubt that water records and assimilates the frequency and structure of the
information in its environment. It has also been shown that writing the words
Love and Gratitude on a container of water will protect it from absorbing
harmful, negative energies, it will even help protect the crystalline structure
of water that has been cooked in a microwave!
The research of Dr. Len Horowitz
tells us that the patterns of Sacred Geometry, such as those printed on the
Life Bottle resonate to the “Miracle” Love frequency of 528Hz on the
original Solfeggio Music Scale. According to Dr.
Horowitz this frequency connects “your heart, your spiritual essence, to the
spiraling reality of heaven and earth.”
528Hz the resonant frequency of all
Sacred Geometry, has also been used by researchers like Lee Lorenzen to produce
micro clustered hexagonal water capable of flowing through our DNA membranes to
clear away impurities. Richard J Saykally from UC Berkeley explains that micro
clustered water hydrates our DNA allowing it to hold a far greater energy
potential. Lorenzen and Biochemist Steve Chemiski also discovered that
six-sided, crystal-shaped, hexagonal clustered water molecules form the
supportive matrix of healthy DNA and this water-based structure of our DNA
vibrates at the specific frequency of 528 cycles per second.
By drinking your water from the Life
Bottle™ you are drinking and assimilating positive life supporting vibrations
and Heart activating crystals. The vibrations of Love, Praise, and Gratitude,
generate the geometric blue print for Life and Ascension. All these energies
are infused into your water. The more one drinks this water, the more these
vibrations are integrated into your conscious and subconscious mind through the
DNA. With this integration may come a greater sense of clarity, intuition and
synchronicity in one’s life. These affects will become even more amplified and
noticeable if one can integrate a regular practice of meditation and quiet
contemplation into daily life.
When one understands that your cells
and DNA are mostly water, it is easy to understand the importance of being
conscious not only of your thoughts but also of what kind of water and food you
are feeding yourself. You are what you eat, you are what you drink and you are
what you think.
Ascend your water. Ascend your Being!
Ascend Your Water Life Bottles


Flower of Life
This represents the web of life and
the interconnectedness, the unified oneness of all life, all creation. It is
the web of consciousness that creates our reality. What one does to one of the
circles affects the whole. What one thinks ripples out through the web and
reflects back to them in the form of people places and experiences which create
and reinforce ones perception of reality. Positive thoughts create a positive Life!
Fruit of Life
The Fruit of Life is Unity
Consciousness transending duality. It is the spark of pure Unconditional Love
that holds All Life together.
This symbol teaches us that LOVE is
at the core of every atom and every situation in our lives. Even a situation as
devastating as the loss of a loved one or being diagnosed with something like
cancer presents an opportunity for the individual, and those close to them, to
start thinking outside the box and discover the Fruit of Life for themselves.
It is the love and faith that has the miraculous power to heal all.
This geometry is the bridge between
the Flower and the Fruit of Life. This also happens to be the geometry
associated with the the natural energy field of a healthy Heart centered in
Love. Love is the source of true consciousness that one taps into when they
become free of ego fears.
When one awakens the Love in their
heart, this energy field expands to unify spirit and matter. This expansion of
emotional consciousness awakens a greater flow of creativity, intuitive
understanding of one’s environment and a deeper connection between people and
all Life.
 “I AM” is the meaning of OM
~the sound of creation~. Our thoughts and words create our reality. “I AM” is
the conscious direction of the creative power of the universe. This is why if
you believe “I am sick” or “I’m broke”, that is the experience you are given.
If you believe and affirm “I AM Love, I AM wisdom, I AM perfect health and
vitality, I AM abundant and always have everything I need.” Then your life,
your world and your experiences will begin to reflect a reality back to you
that will reinforce and strengthen those beliefs in miraculous ways.
With Love & Gratitude



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