Opportunity for Reiki Master to rent therapy office space

Entry to North Therapy Room

We have a rare opportunity for a Reiki Master to rent space out of our Holistic Health clinic located in St. Paul near the State Fair Grounds.

Our Ideal Candidate

North Therapy Room - North WallWhile you would be working out of our space, you are your own separate business entity. We will help in promoting you, and will work to have a mutually beneficial working relationship.

  • Well versed in multiple styles of Reiki, as well as energetic clearing of space
  • A Go-Getter
  • Able to draw-in and maintain own clientele
  • Must carry insurance to cover your practice and list us, Psinergy LLC, as an “Additional Named Insured” (i.e. ABMP)
  • Spiritually eclectic, or at least open to a wide range of spiritual paths
  • Dedicated in growing your own practice
  • Must be a team player and interested in helping the entire center grow and thrive
  • Conscientious of others space and time
  • Timely and dedicated to your work/practice
  • Must be able to Blog (guidance/help is offered), write articles, be well worded and educated, etc

Benefits of having your practice here

  • Client waiting areaWe promote practitioners who work out of our space through various methods:
    • Listed on our website (example)
      • Current traffic to our site is 765 session in the last 30-days according to Google Analytics
      • According to Google Webmasters:
        • Content Keywords:
          • Reiki rated at #10 for the site
        • Search Analytics Queries, Impressions & average position (in last 30-days):
          • reiki, 220 impressions with an average position of 1.9
          • reiki styles, 23 impressions, average position = 11.9
          • reiki mn, 14 impressions, average position = 1.0
          • reiki 1 class, 12 impressions, average position = 26.3
          • celtic reiki, 11 impressions, average position = 38.2
          • reiki minneapolis, 10 impressions, average position = 1.0
          • reiki classes mn, 9 impressions, average position = 1.0
          • reiki 1 attunement, 7 impressions, average position = 37.4
          • reiki positions, 5 impressions, average position = 46.4
          • reiki near me, 4 impressions, average position = 1.0
          • reiki therapy, 4 impressions, average position = 1.0
          • reiki 2 attunement, 4 impressions, average position = 36.3
          • reiki classes near me, 2 impressions, average position = 1.0
          • huna reiki, 2 impressions, average position = 34.0
          • plus 18 other Reiki terms search for in the last 30 days
    • Cross promoted via listings on the TC Healers Directory, a hyper-local directory specifically for holistic, green & sustainable businesses within the Twin Cities Metro area (example 1, example 2)
      • This site averages 20 to 30 visitors each day according to JetPack Site Stats
    • Cross promoted on the Twin Cities Energy & Holistic Workers Meetup site
      • 694 members and growing, and has 386 sessions in the last 30-days according to Google Analytics
    • Cross promoted in our newsletter that has 857 subscribers
    • We do various online and print advertising for the center, and are more than willing to help you with your efforts in this as well.
  • We supply a wide range of organic teas, coffee, sweeteners, etc and often have healthy snacks available for your clients to enjoy while they are here
  • Access to computer, high speed internet, printers, desk, as well as a phone line and extension for business purposes (this helps to separate your business and personal life). We cover all utilities like electricity, water/sewer, garbage, etc.
  • Able to store your therapy stuff onsite between days
  • Enjoy a sizable discount on most products you get through our company (we carry a wide variety of herbs, supplements and other natural remedies)

Space Licensing options

While working out of our space, we offer a license agreement to utilize the space. With the license agreement it is expected that you clean up after yourself and leave the space in the same condition, or better, than when you started utilizing it. Additionally, you must follow and abide by all city, state and federal laws (for example, having a Client Bill of Rights as described in Section 146A of MN State Statute).

For Rates, please go to: https://www.psinergyhealth.com/wellness/space-use/space-use-north-therapy-room/

For more information, or to book an interview/viewing of the space and to see if you’re a good fit, please email us.

5 thoughts on “Opportunity for Reiki Master to rent therapy office space

Avatar of Linnae Dufresne
Linnae Dufresne says:

I shared this on my Centerpoint alumni group just in case you were open to massage or shiatsu. This is a great opportunity! If i wasnt so established where i am i might consider this.

    Avatar of Psinergy Natural Health and Holistic Wellness
    Psinergy Natural Health and Holistic Wellness says:

    Unfortunately, we are not licensed for massage… nor do we want to go for that licensing in St. Paul (it’s a lot of drama from what we have been told). We only offer therapies that are outside the scope of massage. Thank you though! It’s another possibility filled with various potential 🙂 We appreciate it!

    Avatar of Linnae Dufresne
    Linnae Dufresne says:

    What a bummer! St paul is so crazy with their licensing!!! The right person will turn though! ?

    Avatar of Psinergy Natural Health and Holistic Wellness
    Psinergy Natural Health and Holistic Wellness says:

    Yes they are, and makes it very tough for massage to be competitive with our neighbors in Minneapolis (licensing in MPLS is only $50 for a solo practitioner, $150 for an entire center… and they have less hoops to jump through). We’ve already had one person email, so I’m excited! Thanks!

    Avatar of Linnae Dufresne
    Linnae Dufresne says:

    Best of luck!!! This is a great opportunity for the right person!

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