Appointment pricing changes starting 2/1/2017

Every so often, a company needs to take a look at their pricing structures, often around the end or beginning of a year. Our company is no different, and while we do try to be as fiscally responsible as possible, and only charging what we need, we do need to make a few changes in the fees that we charge.

Wellness Sessions

Before 1/31/2017After 2/1/2017
Initial Consultation:$175.00$175.00 and includes 1st Follow-up appointment*
Initial Consultation:
(Reduced Rate)
$89.00$89.00 and includes 1st Follow-up appointment*
Follow-up Consultations:$89.00$89.00 (same)
Follow-up Consultations:
(Reduced Rate)


Current Members**New Members (after 1/3/2017)
Maintaining$89.00$89.00 (same)
Restoring Your Wellness$176.00$212.00

*1st Follow-up included with the price of the Initial Consultation started 1/1/2017.
**At this time, current members will stay at the previous pricing structure and we do not plan on changing that. Only new members will be at the new price. Everything else with the member benefits is still the same.

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