Happy Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

At 10:28 AM CST on Thursday, December 21st is the Winter Solstice, and while André and SchaOn don’t often celebrate holidays, we do follow and are mindful of the different flows of the Universe, and the Winter Solstice is one of those.

Next, as many of you know, SchaOn is normally fascinated by patterns, numbers, cycles, looking at the deeper wisdom of something… and something he noticed, and you may have as well, is that this Solstice in our time zone (CST) happens to also have all the same numbers as the year that we will be going into. To him, this says “these numbers are of importance… not just to you, but to the community around you.”

So, what do these numbers say? While yes, each individual number has some significance, often times the overall important number is by adding them all up, so these numbers become an 11. While yes, the 11 is also a 2, in numerology 11 is considered a “master number” and is of importance. While there are soooo many things that these numbers talk about, and we could talk forever on these things… the main thing to take away right now is “Listen to your intuition — your gut feelings”.

Incompatible Foods according to AyurvedaNext on that note, something SchaOn has been noticing in sessions with many of his clients is tension of what’s called the “TH8 Information Barrier”, or tension in the upper epigastric area and small intestines – some even call this the “Belly Brain”, which is where we “feel” the “gut intuition”. When we have issues in this area… we have a hard time “feeling” our feelings, we can feel disconnected from those around us, and eventually, we often see digestion issues like indigestion, and a bunch of other things which we can’t go into in a newsletter as most email programs do not allow for a book, LOL. So, if you’re having issues in this area… or want to open up your intuition more, talk with SchaOn. (he even offers a free 30-minute consultation)


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