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The Lymph as a Psychological Buffer System


by Manohar Croke

This blog post is about the wondrous workings of your lymphatic system. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this system, it is comprised of several hundred tiny lymph nodes located primarily in the neck, chest, and belly, as well as drainage ducts and the lymphatic tissues of the spleen, thymus, adenoids, appendix, and tonsils. The lymph itself is a clear liquid that is circulated through the body and eventually returns to the bloodstream. As it circulates, it absorbs and removes toxins, bacteria, digested fats, hormones, and other waste products. The lymph is a primary component of your immune system. It produces and stores white blood cells, including the T cells that attack and destroy bacteria and other life-threatening pathogens.

More recently, neuroscientists have discovered that the brain also has its own lymph system. It is called the “Glymphatic System” because it is managed by the brain’s glial cells. The ‘microglia’ are thought to play an essential role in maintaining the brain’s immunity. In fact, these researchers are hypothesizing that impaired functioning of this, the brain’s detox system, may be a contributing factor in CNS diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS.

In Western allopathic medicine, the lymphatic system tends to be somewhat “under-considered” therapeutically. However, European naturopathic medicine, in which Esogetic ColorpunctureTM originator, Peter Mandel is trained, considers the maintenance of a healthy lymph system as vital for preventing disease. Over the past 35 years, Mandel has developed a large body of colorpuncture acu-light therapies designed to regulate the “information” of the lymph, and thus support its healthy functioning.

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