The Gamma Brainwave & its benefits

The Gamma Brainwave & its benefits

Gamma, a newly discovered brainwave, oscillates between 30 to 100 Hz. This exciting brainwave has been seen to be connected with peak performance, strong focus, and even possibly mystical transcendental experiences, higher perceptions, and insight. Gamma also is believed to help coordinate and synchronize the other brainwaves of alpha, beta, theta, and delta.

Additionally, the Gamma brainwaves are described by many scientists as the “neuronal attachment to space and time”. Some scientists are even thinking there may be a connection with “hypercommunication (like telepathic and empathic abilities, clairvoyance, etc)”, “spontaneous remissions”, “dejá vu“, and other more “other-worldly” perceptions. This is honestly very fascinating. American scientists even tested Tibetan monks while in meditation and found that the gamma brainwaves were very dominant compared to the general populous.

Additional articles and websites about the Gamma Brainwave:

Peter Mandel, founder of Esogetics Holistic Medicine (Colorpuncture), has now added the Gamma Brainwaves into the Synapsis machines and has developed two specific programs in relation to the Gamma Brainwaves, Gamma Long and Gamma Short.


Gamma Long

The long program, which runs through the Gamma brainwaves for 45 minutes, is supposed to stimulate the ability of highest concentration. At the same time, it amplifies the perception of “that which is”. In each dis-ease, the relationship between the voluntary and involuntary rhythms seems to be out of balance. The gamma long program has the purpose to harmonize these functions over time and allows other therapeutic measures to have a much better and especially faster effect.


Gamma Short

The Gamma short program, a 10-minute therapy, is intended to gently stimulate brain synchronization. The shorter version is also designed to be used with specific reflex zones on the body. It helps in amplifying the ability to concentrate and focus. At the Esogetics Clinic in Germany, they have observed that it also addresses tension in the body systems and that they can be harmonized through the induced gamma frequencies.


New Esogetics Colorpuncture, Crystal & Brainwave therapies

The Esogetics Soul Spirit CrystalsIn the 2015 Certification Update Seminar, Esogetics released several new therapies helping to open one up to the more psychic and paranormal perceptions aka the Universal Consciousness, the Intelligent Universe. These therapies are focused around the use of the Gamma programs and are intended to help a person remember that they are connected with “all that is” – the universe, dimensions, et al.

The Relay of Narrowness of the Individual

This protocol helps to open one to their paranormal abilities, or at least the possibility of them. It is great for those stuck in fear on their path through life, and those who have lost touch with their own deeper knowing. It is also a fantastic therapy for those who have become narrow in their mindset, which often we see that these people have stiff or sore necks because of their rigid thinking.

The Paranormal Centers of Information

This therapy set is focused around were we place Tepereth from the Tree of Life on the body. Tepereth, symbolized by the Sun, is connected to the core of our being and radiates out in all directions. It is sometimes referred to as the Crown of the Body, the “True I or Self” and is the center of the being.

We find that this protocol is very nice for those needing or wanting to develop themselves, and those who often have a strong polarity between emotional and rational intelligence (EQ and IQ). Additionally, this zone helps to open us to our Spiritual Intelligence, helping us to begin to open the flow and begin the process of being able to ground it within our being.

Paranormal Centers of Images and Symbols

This protocol is all about the Moon, the Unconscious, the Images, and the Universal Symbols. It is where day and night, as well as all our experiences past-present-and-future, meet. If you are familiar with the Tree of Life, this works with the sephira Yesod. This therapy is designed to help us rejuvenate so we can once again walk along our true path in life by showing us where we need to make the changes to move back onto that path.


New Therapy Package

SchaOn has put together a very special package that incorporates these therapies and a few others to help make some very nice, quick shifts in a persons life. This package is designed for those who are curious about what else is out there, those who are experienced with the paranormal and psychic abilities and want to enhance this, as well as those who really just need a major shift in their life.


The Psychic Boost Package

Psychic DevelopmentIncludes 9 therapy sessions (8 one-on-one sessions, 1 Synapsis only session). Sessions go in this order:

  1. Transfer of Light & Information
  2. Paranormal Centers Daath with Relay of “narrowness” in the individual – Power Nap version
  3. Paranormal Centers of Information – Power Nap version
  4. Paranormal Centers of Images and Symbols – Power Nap version
  5. Paranormal Centers of Daath with Relay of “narrowness” in the individual – Short Gamma version
  6. Paranormal Centers of Information – Short Gamma version
  7. Paranormal Centers of Images and Symbols – Short Gamma version
  8. New therapy protocol for Karma & the Pineal
  9. Synapsis session: Long Gamma

***Most Sessions are about 30 to 45 minutes in length. Sessions #8 & 9 are full hour appointments.

This package, if done as individual appointments, would cost all together $522, though in the package we are offering it for $469.80.


Purchase Psychic Boost Package – $469.80

How to Purchase the Psychic Boost Package

  1. Go to: https://www.psinergyhealth.com/bookeo/prepaid/ and click “Sign up” or “Sign in”
  2. Click “Prepaid packages”
  3. Click “The Psychic Boost” and then follow the rest of the steps
  4. Need help – call us at (612) 217-4325

How to Schedule your appointments

  1. Go to: https://www.psinergyhealth.com/schedule/
  2. Click *Specials*
  3. Click “Book” under the Psychic Boost 9 pack sessions and then follow the prompts.

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Can you set people to that level? ?

Amy St Mikael
Amy St Mikael says:

Bring people’s brain to that gamma state?

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