Nuin (Nee-Arhn), or Ash Ogham

10/25/2015: Nuin (Nee-Arhn), or Ash

Our friend Nuin is speaking to us this week all about transition and manifesting. Truly, you can’t do one without the other, and Nuin is well-equipped to help you with this. Nuin is known as a tree of knowledge, but also the world tree. Nuin has been there, done that[...]
Nuin (Nee-Arhn), or Ash Ogham

8/23/2015: Nuin (Nee-Arhn), or Ash

Nuin is all about innate wisdom and your connection with the world around you. You are a part of everything around you. This is in part how we learn and gain wisdom. (Nuin would like to interject that there’s nothing wrong with being a smart ash from time to time.) Nuin[...]
Nuin (Nee-Arhn), or Ash Ogham

7/12/2015: Nuin (Nee-Arhn), or Ash

Nuin reminds us of the inner wisdom we all possess. Nuin often is represented in the World Tree. This tree stretches from Annwn (the lower world), to Abed (this world), to Gwynvid (the upper world), and to Ceugant (infinity). Nuin serves as the connection to all of this information within[...]

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