Basic Detox (Leg) – Colorpuncture

Indications or Potential Uses*:

Moving Spiritual, Emotional & Chemical Toxins within the being

Basic Leg Detox Points (Colorpuncture therapy)

Starting top left, then top right, moving downward, left then right



  • Points 1 and 4 : in the midline of the thigh midway between the point 2 (resp. 5) and the fold of the buttocks
  • Points 2 and 5 : in the middle of the back of the knee
  • Points 3 and 6 : four fingerwidths below the knee

Color: Red
Duration: 30 seconds / 1 minute per point
Procedure: Radiate in succession all the points 1 to 6, first the left leg and then the right (see below for sequence)
Frequency: one or more times a day


The immune system, the defense system of our body, has been redesigned and re-evaluated in recent decades in medicine. It is composed of cells called white blood cells and whose function is to attack any viruses and bacteria that can creep into the body.

When we are under chronic stress, our defense system decreases its strength and we get sick.