Basic Regeneration of Mind – Body – Spirit (Coordination 8 – basic) – Colorpuncture

Indications or Potential Uses*:

Regeneration of Somatic Functions and Emotional Body


Treat each individual finger as an ‘ellipse’ which starts from the tip of the finger, stroking on the edge of the finger down to the base of the same finger in the direction towards the little finger and back up to the top. Treat sequentially all the fingers of your left hand first and then the right hand, always starting from the thumb. Drag the light slowly for 2 or 3 times on each finger (ellipses).

Colors: thumb = yellow; index = red; middle = drk. turquoise;  ring = orange; pinky = blue
Duration: 1 minute for each color
Frequency: once a week, or daily in the morning


This therapy is one of the most effective and the most beautiful to regenerate all the emotional and somatic functions. Its function is to stimulate and balance all areas of reflexology pads of the hands as they are established with the Kirlian energy emission analysis by Peter Mandel. The fingers of the hand have not only a somatic representation of topography but also psychological and emotional:

  • thumb = body, matter, lymph reaction relay
  • index = superficial and child consciousness, spine, intestines, “Letting-Go”, opens Dreaming, 5+1 Senses
  • middle = emotion and psyche, home, family, environment, bridge of the Conscious / Sub-Consciousness
  • ring = spiritual consciousness (awareness) deep, endocrine system, hormones
  • pinky = “The breath in”, the Sun, New Beginnings, Completion