Burnout Therapies Advanced Seminar

Esogetics Colorpuncture Burnout Therapies Advanced TrainingThe Esogetics Colorpuncture Burnout Advanced Training was full of fantastic holistic therapies designed to help individuals dealing with the symptoms of Burnout. Originally called "Nervous Break Down", in 1974 psychoanalyst Herbert Freudenberger coined the term as "Burnout". Note: While Certified Esogetics Colorpuncturists (CCP) do not diagnosis conditions here in the United States, we work with this information based on the common symptomology and can be applied even for those not traditionally diagnosed with Burnout.

To us holistically and simply, Burnout simply means "burning out", or "to be burnt out", and has varying degrees of severity. Often we see that the individuals going through Burnout have had a long-standing state of chronic stress and leads to things like:

  • inner-emptiness
  • mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion
  • drop in performance
  • depersonalization, cynicism, and detachment
  • feelings of ineffectiveness, overwhelm and lack of accomplishment


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Therapies from this Advanced Training

  • Line of the Mediator
    This is a very relaxing therapy and great for when burnout is accompanied with issues of insomnia.
  • Grey Laterality
    While this therapy is originally learned in the Basic Certification, we learn more about how chronic states of stress can contribute to general and specific laterality issues.
  • Information Points of the Skull
    This is a nice simple therapy to help with emotional processing and is also good for pain issues.
  • Esogetics Memory Points
    This is another therapy learned in the Basic Certification, though we learn more in-depth as to why it is very nice for issues of Burnout.
  • Build-up Cross (or) Cross of Vitality/Regeneration
    This therapy is talked about the public document "Esogetics Crystal Ball Manual" on page 13, though used in a larger protocol in this training specifically for the issues of burnout.
  • The Eight Basic Dream Zones
    These eight dreams zones go through aspects of elimination and letting go, physical reality, existential and instinctive dreams, suppressed conflicts, feelings, and several others.
  • Synapsis Brainwave therapies: Sleep 1/2, Dream, Stress-X, Children 1/2, and Awakening
    These therapies are designed to work like the brain, helping to release various patterns of stress.
  • Limbic Cross
    This is another therapy from the Basic Certification and talked about in the context of long-standing stress situations.
  • Therapy of the Lymph Rhythms
    This is another therapy from the Basic Certification, though goes into more detail about the benefits for those with Burnout.
  • Joint Symbol therapy for the Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ)
    This therapy is often used for people who keep chewing on their conflicts, tightness in the jaw and to help with draining the head/neck region.
  • Joint Symbol therapy for the Atlas-Axis (C1) joint
    This is a really nice therapy for those that have found it hard to look upwards (see a brighter future/the sun on the horizon), help with inner and outer flexibility.
  • TH8 Information Barrier
    This is yet another fantastic therapy from the Basic Certification, though we learn a "stronger" version of this therapy that could be applied with those deal with aspects of Burnout.
  • Ellipses of Existence, Perception, and Depth of Consciousness
    While these are also therapies learned in the Basic Certification, we talk about them in the context of Stress and Burnout.
  • Interference Pattern of Limbic, Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Pineal
    Another therapeutic consideration when dealing with aspects of Burnout along with Hormonal Issues stemming from glands.
  • Puttkamer Segments
    While we learn about the Puttkamer Segments (developed by Joachim Puttkamer by the 1930's), we revisit this information due the impact of long-standing stress on the physical body, and we also learn a newer advanced therapy for the Liver Puttkamer Segment.
  • Information Barrier of the Ears
    We find that this is a nice therapy consideration for people who over-react, are dealing with depression, and/or dealing with low/high cholesterol.
  • OGT: Liver
    This new OGT therapy is designed specifically to support the energies of the Liver Qi. The liver is seen as the "emotional organ", and tends to be a pretty sensative organ for those going through Burnout.
  • Basic Crystal Burnout Therapy of Kether, Tephereth and Yesod
    This Esogetics Crystal therapy is a nice option for the various states of stress tensions, while also re-optimizing (similar to defragging a computer hard drive).
  • Basic Zones of the Elements
    This is another therapy from the basic training, though a more advanced version is shown, and talked about from the context of Burnout.
  • Quadrature of the Face
    Another nice simple crystal therapy done on the face to help stimulate a deep state of relaxation.
  • Triangles of Inner-Rest 1 & 2
    These two triangle therapies a nice option for those with burnout as many people comment that they feel a comfortable expansion, observe a greater composer and calmness with themselves.
  • Crystal Puncture options
    In this segment, we talked about various crystal puncture therapies for psychological regulation, for blocking the head, the Chinese Points on the Skin of the Skull around the Ear, as well as various therapy options and considerations.