Zone of Life Force

Indications or Potential Uses*:

Lack of Mental Strength, Morning Depressions, Lack of Decision, Emotional Exhausted, Lack of Psychic Reaction


Zone of Life ForceLocation: exactly in the center of the palm
Color: Orange
Duration: 1 minute per point
Procedure: Radiate the first point on the left hand and then the one on the right hand.


The central point of the palms is called the center of force. The indication is therefore the lack of mental strength, morning depression, lack of decision. So to all those emotional situations that “exhausted” the forces of psychic reaction.

From “Everything is Written on the Skin”: “I remember that my mother was complaining because my father did not say a word, in the morning, until they had drunk the coffee. I told him of the strength of the orange dot on your hands. After a week he told me he had stopped the treatment because, in the morning just got up, my father talked about …too!”