Barb Avery, CST & Healing Touch Therapist

Barb Avery, CST & Healing Touch Practitioner with Purely Natural Health

Barb is an energy healer that is trained in Eastern and Western medicine. She works on everyone from womb to walker and offers a unique type of energy work for mothers before and after delivery. The baby is helped in the womb and then some more after the delivery. Energy work is for everyone and it is a gentle, hands on approach to releasing tension, relieve pain/old injuries or open the energy fields to be more vibrant.
SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT

SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT

Areas of specialty: Burnout and Stress Management for the Busy, Fast-Paced, Intense Professional who wants to be healthy and vibrant without needing to put your life on hold, as well as those looking for natural options for their health.

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