Tranqulity – Blessed Herbal Affirmation Candle


A subtle hue of lavender sweetened with the gentle essence of Ylang-Ylang

Take time out from the stress of daily living and surround yourself with the essence of Tranquility. For a moment or for a lifetime, float on a sea of calm.

Affirmation: In this moment, that belongs only to me, I release the stress of the day. First from my body, then my mind and finally from my emotions.

Available in the Clinic

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Coventry’s Affirmation candles are made with specially blended essential oils to fully empower your affirmation.

Always place candle in an appropriate holder, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

2″x4″ Cotton Wick Pillar
Approx 40 hours burn time
Printed Affirmation


Blessed Herbal Affirmation