I-Ching Name Analysis


Do you ever wonder what your life path is? With the I-Ching Name Analysis find out what energies/vibrations you come in with and what you are working towards. With this session, we will also send you the I-Chings to print out and use from a more metaphysical view to help be more of you (we will direct you how to use them).

Additionally, you can also add-on for this appointment analysis of your Karma and Esogetics Numerology (see below) and how that could potentially impact the body/mind.

(Session: $54 to $131 with additional add-ons)

If you are thinking about changing your name, we can also find out what new energies that name will bring. *Note: When changing your name, it takes 7-years to integrate the energy/vibration of that new name.

If applicable, meaning you’ve had your name for 7 or more years, you will also receive the 2 I-Ching symbols to use therapeutically to help you align more to who you truly be.


*Note: This doesn’t need to be done in-person. We can talk over the phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts as well.


Add-on Karma Analysis?

Karma is not an unavoidable fate or punishment, but learning. We have to learn to self-actualize by “acting”.


Add-on Esogetics Numerology Analysis

In Esogetics Holistic Medicine, we have correlated aspects of numerology calculations of the Life Path, Integrated Self, Soul Number, and Personality Numbers to specific zones of the body and how it potentially impacts the body/mind. Learn more how your specific numbers could impact you, and gain knowledge of how to better support your own unique self.