I-Ching Session (Question) therapy


“The Playful I-Ching” – 64 Hexagrams to promote Wellness through the Symbolic Wisdom of the I-Ching
There are 3 ways of applying the I-Ching therapies:

  • Symptom Based
  • As a spiritual development tool completed over 40 weeks
  • Question Based

This session will focus on the “Question Based” protocol.

To accomplish this, we will have you quiet your mind and focus on a specific question, then take the I-Ching Cards (or coins), in your right hand and draw two cards. These cards give insight and guidance into your question. The first card talks about what is important to the question, and the second card tells us more of what needs to be observed from the question.

Then, we draw the 2 I-Ching symbols on the body with eyeliner (so it can be easily wiped away if needed), and then you rest for 5 minutes (to allow for the subtle reactions to process). After 5 minutes, we will then trace the I-Ching symbols with a defined Grey Light (this helps to reflect back the original symbolic information of the specific symbol, bringing it more into the consciousness). We then will apply a specific Soul Spirit Color to the center of the symbol, followed by one of the grey crystals which helps to bring the information into the material.

This set of therapies is highly transformative, and strong. Reactions are to be expected.  These reactions help to move you towards resolution or bringing you back towards balance. In case of reaction, please apply the “Moist-Heat Liver pack”.

Session: 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours.

*includes before & after kirlians.