Childhood Trauma Program (after age 9)


Whereas the Children Program 1 oscillates in the rhythm between 8 and 10 Hz, it is now the frequency range between 8 and 12 Hz which addresses conditionings and conflicts after age nine. Many observations have repeatedly confirmed our working hypothesis that the events before the end of puberty have a severe influence on a person’s life. If there is therapeutic resistance it is worthwhile to use both programs alternately. At that point, it does not matter initially what the diagnosis might be.

Esogetic medicine has developed a series of conflict resolutions, which enable us to dissolve subconscious blockages. This is a “nonverbal psychology”, i.e. we are approaching the resolution of long-forgotten incidents without suggestion and through the individual him/herself. For that purpose all induction programs and especially the two Children Programs are helpful.

Esogetics Holistic Medicine: Healing Power of Colors

Same indications as Children Program 1, as an alternate therapy with Program 2.

As a basic treatment for all degenerative diseases, psychological symptoms, all childhood diseases after age nine, especially when they reoccur. Both programs as part of conflict resolution therapies, especially when we see laterality disturbances in a patient.

Therapy time: 35 minutes



Esogetics Holistic Medicine / Colorpuncture

Esogetics Holistic Medicine, sometimes simply just referred to as Colorpuncture, is a naturopathic healing modality that uses specific light vibrations or frequencies to interact with the bio-photonic (light) communication of the cells. The word "Esogetics" was created by the combination of the two words "Esoterics + Energetics". Esoterics talks about the old world knowledge while Energetics talks about the new scientific research and findings of today.Esogetics is its own system of natural medicine and we find influences, the roots and philosophies of it in a wide range of traditional forms of medicine that have been passed down through the generations like:
  • Chinese Medicine knowledge (Acupuncture Points/Meridians)
  • European or Celtic Naturopathic wisdom
  • Iridology
  • Hermetic ideas (i.e.: "As Above, So Below"; "Law of Polarity")
  • Kabbalah and the Tree of Life
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Color therapy (Chromotherapy) from ancient Egypt and Greece
  • and many others

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Esogetics Holistic Medicine: Healing Power of Colors