Power Nap & Short Gamma programs


These induction programs have a peculiarity. It can be applied in defined zones of the body. depending on the type of stress. For general well being, it is applied to the wrists.


  • Stress that targets the stomach and solarplexus
  • Stress in the jaw, which are connected with nightly teeth grinding and the internal “clinging to things”.
  • Harmonization by using the regulation of Rhythms of Life, which are described as voluntary or involuntary.
  • Stress that resulta in heart and circulatory problems

Both programs can now be inducted through defined zones.

Esogetics Holistic Medicine: Healing Power of Colors

Indication Power-Nap

Initially the Power-Nap Program was written for the daily stress. Elimination of daily stress, fast regeneration

Program Run Time: 15 minutes

Indication Gamma Short

The short program is intended to gently stimulate brain synchronization. As in the other short programs the treatment can be applied through specifically defined body zones. It helps in amplifying the ability to concentrate and focus. We have observed that it also addresses tension in the body systems, and that they can be harmonized through the induced gamma frequencies.

Program Run Time: 10 minutes


Esogetics Holistic Medicine / Colorpuncture

Esogetics Holistic Medicine, sometimes simply just referred to as Colorpuncture, is a naturopathic healing modality that uses specific light vibrations or frequencies to interact with the bio-photonic (light) communication of the cells. The word "Esogetics" was created by the combination of the two words "Esoterics + Energetics". Esoterics talks about the old world knowledge while Energetics talks about the new scientific research and findings of today.Esogetics is its own system of natural medicine and we find influences, the roots and philosophies of it in a wide range of traditional forms of medicine that have been passed down through the generations like:
  • Chinese Medicine knowledge (Acupuncture Points/Meridians)
  • European or Celtic Naturopathic wisdom
  • Iridology
  • Hermetic ideas (i.e.: "As Above, So Below"; "Law of Polarity")
  • Kabbalah and the Tree of Life
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Color therapy (Chromotherapy) from ancient Egypt and Greece
  • and many others

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Esogetics Holistic Medicine: Healing Power of Colors