Initial Holistic Health Consultations


Utilizing the Knowledge of the Ages to help you find the Wisdom for today…

In the 1.5-hour discovery consultation, we will talk about what your wellness goals are, what is holding you back, utilize several holistic health analysis tools like:

In the Initial Consultation, you may also receive 1 to 2 therapies based on the assessment, normally a Colorpuncture or other Esogetics Holistic Medicine therapy, Rife-based therapies, though possibly also an Ozone therapy, Access Bars, BodyTalk protocols, Emotion Code, or any other therapy that is called for that we have studied. In Follow-Up Sessions, we may also include Brainspotting™ techniques.

We may also discuss teas, herbal supplements, dietary changes based on Ayurvedic Medicine Principles, and other daily routine changes to help you progress in a positive way forward. These may be changed or modified in follow-up visits.


Difference between Full Fee appointment vs Reduced Rate

NOTE: Reduced Rate appointments are currently full.

SchaOn offers two fee levels for clients as we realize that not everyone is able to afford our normal fees for one reason or another, though we have a strong desire to work holistically with everyone. We have no judgment around this, instead just a realization. Both the Full Fee appointment and Reduced Fee Rate appointment are exactly the same except what we charge for the service. We provide the same level of service in both appointments and receive the same number of therapies, assessments, at-home therapy guidance, etc.



Esogetics Holistic Medicine / Colorpuncture

Esogetics Holistic Medicine, sometimes simply just referred to as Colorpuncture, is a naturopathic healing modality that uses specific light vibrations or frequencies to interact with the bio-photonic (light) communication of the cells. The word "Esogetics" was created by the combination of the two words "Esoterics + Energetics". Esoterics talks about the old world knowledge while Energetics talks about the new scientific research and findings of today.Esogetics is its own system of natural medicine and we find influences, the roots and philosophies of it in a wide range of traditional forms of medicine that have been passed down through the generations like:
  • Chinese Medicine knowledge (Acupuncture Points/Meridians)
  • European or Celtic Naturopathic wisdom
  • Iridology
  • Hermetic ideas (i.e.: "As Above, So Below"; "Law of Polarity")
  • Kabbalah and the Tree of Life
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Color therapy (Chromotherapy) from ancient Egypt and Greece
  • and many others

Find out more about Esogetics Holistic Medicine and its different systems

Esogetics Holistic Medicine: Healing Power of Colors