Pre-Use: New Licensing Agreement Setup Meeting

This meeting is to go over the license agreement and initial setup as a guest practitioner to utilize the space.

Note: Licensing setup is $125. Why do we charge this? That covers the time to add the practitioner to our website and figuring out how we will work together in more detail. Additionally, we will do an internal background check of the practitioner/person that wants to utilize the space.

Schedule Meeting

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This meeting must happen at least 2 days before you create a reservation. Not all practitioners/individuals will be allowed to utilize or licensed to use the space. This meeting is very important.

*IF you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.

Note: The City of St. Paul license both Massage Practitioners and Facilities where massage is offered. We do not offer massage and are not a licensed facility. We will not extend a space license to massage practitioners.