Reserve Space: North Therapy Room

Our North Therapy Room is a great option for one-on-one appointments with clients.

For Per-Use and Monthly-Use Rates, please see below.

Schedule Space Use

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Licensing schedule to utilize the North Therapy Room.

Occasional Use Fees:

  • 1 hour (includes 30 minutes before and after for setup and cleanup – 2 hours total): $45
  • each additional hour: $15
  • New Practitioner Licensing Agreement Setup: $125 (must be setup at least 2 business days BEFORE first use)

Monthly Use Fees:

While working out of our space, we offer a license agreement to utilize the space. With the license agreement it is expected that you clean up after yourself and leave the space in the same condition, or better, than when you started utilizing it. Additionally, you must follow and abide by all city, state and federal laws (for example, having a Client Bill of Rights as described in Section 146A of MN State Statute).

  1. 1 day/week for the month = $180 all inclusive (about $41.86/day)
  2. 2 days/week for the month = $350 all inclusive (about $40.70/day)
  3. 3 days/week for the month = $518 all inclusive (about $40.16/day)
  4. 4 days/week for the month = $676 all inclusive (about $39.30/day)
  5. 5 days/week for the month = $828 all inclusive (about $38.51/day)
  6. 6 days/week for the month = $972 all inclusive (about $37.67/day)
  7. 7 days/week for the month (exclusive) = $1,260 all inclusive (about $41.86/day)

Additionally, with the monthly space use agreement, for the number of days that you rent/week, receive those number of hours for additional use of the Workshop Space to teach classes, hold talks, etc. For example, if you have a license agreement for 1 day/week, you receive the Workshop space for 1 hour at no additional charge/month (plus you get an extra 30 minutes for setup and 30 minutes for clean-up, so 2 hours total). If your license agreement is 4 days/week, you receive 4 hours of utilizing the Workshop space, which you can break up/segment however you would like through the month (plus the additional time for setup and clean-up).

Space includes:

  • Heated Massage table with rolling stool
  • Computer Desk with networked computer, speakers
  • 2 chairs
  • 2 Lamps (Day-Light LED bulbs in one, dimmer light in the other), salt lamp, and day-light/sky-light overhead bulbs
  • Client waiting area: Refreshments (organic teas, organic coffee, filtered water, etc)
  • approximately 108 square feet
  • Other amenities as outlined in the Space Licensing Agreement