About Us

We specialize in helping you access your Awesomeness and helping those who want to stay healthy, become truly healthy, or who are struggle with mountains of stress... Naturally.

Through the use of a wide range of well defined natural wellness tools and therapies customized for you, we make holistic health easy and understandable. Our goal is not only to help bring you back into balance, but to also educate you along the way.

Is stress holding you hostage? A chronic issue holding you back? Something acute?
...We are here to help!


"We help you access your awesomeness. Is stress, a chronic issue or something acute holding you back from who you want or desire to be? We're here to help."

Pronounced synergy [sin-er-jee], meaning that when you combine 2 different things, they produce a bigger effect than in their own individual components. This is truly what Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness works on creating through utilizing old world, or esoteric knowledge, and combining it with new world, or scientific knowledge. We find that through this way of thinking that we are able to enhance the Mind, Body, Spirit connection much more effectively than ever before!

We view stress as being one of the biggest contributors to illness, dis-ease and sickness in today's society, and modern scientific research is proving this every day. We feel that through the use of traditional, natural health tools like the naturopathic modality of Esogetics/Colorpuncture, good and proper nutrition based on the individual as defined through Ayurvedic Medicine and other natural methods, stress can be reduced allowing for the individual to come more back into balance, allowing for a healthier, and more awesome life.

Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness's holistic health clinic is located in Little Canada, next to Roseville, just off Rice Street and Little Canada Rd between Hwy 36, Hwy 694, and 35E, and offices with the other side of our company, Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul.

Services offered at Psinergy

  • Esogetics Holistic therapies, including:
    • Colorpuncture
    • Infrared Pain therapies
    • Ophthalmotropic Genetic therapies
    • Crystal therapies
      • Karma
      • Bardo
      • Tree of Life
      • Trinity (Grey Crystal)
      • Polarity (Gold/Silver)
    • I-Ching therapies
    • Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis
    • Brainwave / Synapsis Induction therapy
    • Sound therapies
    • Transmitter Relays
    • Dream Therapies
    • Color Foot Reflexology
  • Access Bars / Access Consciousness
  • BodyTalk Access & BodyTalk Chakra Balancing
  • Basic Ayurvedic Medicine / Daily Routine Protocols
  • some Complex Homeopathic Remedies
  • some Herbal Remedies & Teas
  • Reiki and Reiki Classes
  • other therapies from classes/workshops as described in SchaOn's Client Bill of Rights