Moist-Heat Liver Pack

One of the at-home therapies that we recommend for ALL of our clients is doing a “Moist-Heat Liver Pack”. The liver is very important when helping to deal with the stress of the day, releasing of toxins and supporting the immune system.


  • If you do not have a Hot Water Bottle, you can purchase it from retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens and CVS and they are often sold as “Feminine Combination kits”. Target, from what we have seen, does not carry them. Note: Electric heating pads, rice pads, etc, do not offer the same results.
  • Note: You will want to do this therapy approximately 30 minutes before bed as it helps to relax the stress from the day, and many people get sleepy during this.
  • Fill the water bottle with hot water (about the same temperature as your bath water, maybe a little warmer, but not boiling hot, or from the tea pot),
  • Take a wash cloth, get this damp with the hot/warm water and ring it out so it’s not dripping water,
  • Also grab a dry towel,
  • Lay the moist wash cloth over the liver area (just under the fold of the right breast to about 2 fingerwidths below the edge of the rib cage),
  • Lay the Hot-Water bottle (filled with hot water) on top of that,
  • Place dry towel on top of the hot water bottle,
  • Leave in place for 30 minutes. You can watch TV, read a book, etc. during this time.