Light: The Pathway to health and healing Esogetics: Healing through Color, Light and Crystals

Light: The Pathway to health and healing

Esogetics: Healing through Color, Light and Crystals

By: SchaOn Blodgett
Published: Edge Magazine; June 2012 edition
Published: Essential Wellness Magazine; Oct 2011 edition

Esogetics Colorpuncture Clinic Light SetThe use of color, light, and crystals in healing is not a new idea. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Babylonians (probably even the ancient Sumerians) and other ancient civilizations had great temples dedicated specifically for this type of healing. Almost every major religion and spiritual practice today talks about the light within, the light above, being connected to the light, and instills that the path to true health and life is via light.

Today this form of healing has been revitalized due to our ability to control and reproduce specifically the direction, intensity, and frequency (color) of the light, and then combine that with it being more portable than ever before. Over the last 40+ years, there have also been new scientific breakthroughs and understanding via biophysics and through the work of Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and others. We are seeing through modern sciences that the body’s primary form of communication may be with light (biophotons), and are seeing that cells are storing, transmitting, understanding, and responding to light! This does not come as a surprise in the holistic health fields or deep spiritual communities as we have been taught, everything is vibration/frequency = information, and hence vibration/frequency is within light, sound, color, and well, everything!


Color Light Therapy: Esogetics Colorpuncture

Esogetics Love DiskOne of the most well rounded versions of color light therapy today, in my belief, is Esogetics (Colorpuncture), developed by Peter Mandel over 40 years ago. It compounds upon the early works of Augustus Pleasanton and Edwin Babbitt and combines it with many of the naturopathic and hermetic philosophies and principles found around the globe as well as modern scientific advancements. The name Esogetics comes from a combination of the two words: Esoteric and Energetic. Esoteric means old world knowledge and energetic means the new, scientific knowledge of our age and in Esogetics, you can find traces of over 200 different holistic healing modalities.


Esogetics: Light Therapies and Crystal Therapies

Within Esogetics there are two primary paths of healing therapies: Esogetics Light Therapies (Colorpuncture,Transmitter Relays, I Ging, Ophthalmotropic Genetic Therapy-OGT, Infrared Pain Therapies, and others) and Esogetics Crystal Therapies (Tree of Life, Bardo, Karma, Crystal Vision, Dream & Love Disc therapies, and many more).

With the light therapies, we utilize specific colors (frequency) of light on precise points of the body (acupuncture/pressure points, reflexology zones and other energetically sensitive points) and the contained microsystems (skull somatotopy, auricular, Putkammer segments, facial physiognomy and others) to help balance the yin/yang energy flows as well as to provide new, correcting information that causes a cascading reaction within the mind, body, and soul which then allows for the core conflict to resolve. In the light therapies, we have a total of 16 different colors (Infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, dark turquoise, blue, violet, ultraviolet, crimson, light green, light turquoise, rose, as well as three grey colors) that we utilize in literally thousands of specified therapy protocols.

Light: The Pathway to health and healing Esogetics: Healing through Color, Light and Crystals 1In the crystal therapies, we use a combination of specifically cut and colored Swarovski crystals inlaid with sacred geometry. We have seen through the crystal therapies, with the help of Popp that these crystals interact with the biophotonic communication of the being and are believed to create a reorganization of the information contained within, allowing for clearer, more pure communication. This then allows for a profound transformation on all levels of the being. Currently, we have several different specific crystals. These are thepolarity crystals (Sun/Gold and Moon/Silver), the elemental soul crystals (Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Light Green, Light Turquoise, Crimson and Rose respectively), the Crystal Activator, the newly developed grey crystals as well as the Love/Energy and Dream/Information disks (the Body/Matter disk is still being developed and tested).

We see more and more everyday through mainstream media, news and scientists that light does have the potential to heal. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has used infrared light to help cancer patients, the use of red LED lights for anti-aging, or infants with jaundice, or the infrared pain study on chronic pain at the Evaluation Hospital in Herne, Germany. In all, Esogetics has come a very long way in combining the knowledge and wisdom of the ages and working on creating reproducible and sustainable results in our scientific age.

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