BodyTalk Cortices

The BodyTalk™ Cortices is a fantastic tool to help quickly re-link and balance the left and right communications of the brain/mind. Often with daily or sudden stress and tension, the flow of communication gets thrown off, which then adds to our stress making it harder to process through stresses or tasks.


  • BodyTalk Cortices TechniqueStart with one hand at the base of the skull where the spine and the skull meet. Take a deep breath, and with your other hand, gently tap the top of the head (make sure that you’re connecting with both hemispheres of the skull while tapping – see video below) and say “Balancing the Right and Left sides of the Brain”. Take another deep breath and now tap over the sternum (in acupuncture, this would be the area of CV18) and repeat the phrase, “”Balancing the Right and Left sides of the Brain”.
  • Move your “holding hand” one handwidth up, having it start where the hand stopped during the last sequence, and repeat the process of taking a deep breath, tapping the top of the head and saying “Balancing the Right and Left sides of the Brain”. Then again, take another deep breath and tap over the sternum while saying “Balancing the Right and Left sides of the Brain”.
  • You will continue this process until you reach the eyebrows (completing the “mo-hawk”), then you will do each side of the head, so place your hands on the sides of your head, take one away, and repeat the process like above. Replace that hand, and do the process with the other hand.

Demonstration video