Recommendations: What people are saying…

While the experience of Holistic Medicine is different for everyone, here are some things people are saying about our services. (these are some of the public comments, and easily found at their original places on the internet like LinkedIn, Yelp, and Google.)


*Note: Complementary and Alternative Medicine is not a substitute for allopathic medicine and/or psychiatric advice and treatment. We do not diagnose conditions or prescribe or alter any medications. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other United States government agency.

"I have received several treatments from SchaOn and they are wonderful - I always feel so much better after and I look forward to the next treatment."


"SchaOn is a very talented, versed in several healing modalities, and has melded them into a practice that benefits everyone."


"Schaon gave me a very insightful appointment that brought clarity to issues within my body along with great recommendations for continuing self treatment at home. His work is subtle yet elegant and I felt fantastic afterword."


"SchaOn is a gifted healer who works with a technique not often heard of on this side of the ocean, but is very popular in other countries. The therapy itself gave great results. SchaOn himself is very personable, lighthearted, and displays great care and concern for people under his care. I highly recommend him as a healer and a great person to know."


"I just had my first consultation today. SchaOn performs a very comprehensive assessment of current health problems, past health problem as well as addressing underlying issues with emotions. 

I was seeking an alternative to western medicine that has left me feeling compartmentalize in dealing with my issues. If I have a stomach ache, I need to see GI, if I have a headache - off to neurology. I have been frustrated by no one every seemingly taking a step back and look at the whole picture.

For a very reasonable cost, I received a 2+ hour consultation with 2 short interventional type therapies to address my specific issues. SchaOn was able to identify areas of focus and offer some very simple changes to start out with that will address some of my more immediate needs. The follow up appointment are recommended for every 2 weeks to a month, depending on the situation. For the price of healthcare and the amount of money I shell out for this pill and that pill and the pills to combat the side effects of the other pills, the cost is such an unbelievably reasonable. ($125 for initial consult & two treatments) 

Being in recovery from addiction, I find it really important to have multiple options available to manage my health. I believe very strongly in a mind-body connection. I received excellent education and look forward to learning much much more! This is probably one of the first appointments in my life that I actually felt "heard" and looked at from a comprehensive standpoint. 

Certainly, I gladly recommend these services for whatever your needs are whether it is pain, emotional struggle, general health and/or anyone looking to get centered in life. Very responsive, easy to schedule, excellent availability. You probably aren't going to find anything much better than this."


"I have received healing From SchaOn for a few years now and I recommend his energy work to anyone wanting to move into a deeper connection with our source."


"SchaOn is highly knowledgeable and adept at Colorpuncture. He is very thorough with his evaluations and provides excellent care during sessions. I have benefited greatly from this therapy and SchaOn's self-care recommendations."


"I have been on the receiving end of SchaOn's Esogetics services. Insighful & well rounded in his approach. I recommend him & his services to everyone!"


"SchaOn does color puncture and body talk. I have used SchaOn for both of these modalities. I have had wonderful results. The body talk worked well for my business. I would recommend SchaOn to anyone."


"After meeting SchaOn through a professional group, I had the opportunity to visit his office and see what he does. He takes a special photo at the beginning and the end of the session to see where you're at and what changes have occurred. It was fascinating to see the difference. What SchaOn does is hard for me to explain, but it's focused on acupressure points, uses specific colors in the spectrum, and it was relaxing. He also gave me thorough after care instructions, to get the most out of my visit. The only way to know if you benefit from CAM therapies is to try them, so I suggest you try this. I'll also note he's very professional and he takes his work seriously, he isn't just dabbling in the latest trends."


"SchaOn and the staff at Psinergy are incredible. They have helped me understand how and why my body reacts to stress and the environment around me. I feel so much better after working with them."


"I saw SchaOn for treatment, exchange, and research. I got so much from our sessions. His knowledge of Kirlian photography and Colorpuncture is vast. More importantly, he is able to teach the subjects clearly. The treatment was incredibly effective. I could feel the results immediately and there was obvious change from the before to the after photos. Call SchaOn today for an appointment. Your body will thank you profusely!"