Guest Post Submission Info

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*** Notice: We are currently NOT taking new Guest Blog submissions ***


We are totally open to quality and informative blog posts from guest contributors. If you feel you have a blog idea, please feel free to submit it to us. We do not pay for submissions, and we also do not ask for payment to post a well-written, informative article that we feel will benefit the world (including you).


Content Quality Standards and Guidelines

*Note: Please do not waste our time, or yours, by not following these guidelines. If you submit an article and it is missing some of these key points, we won’t publish it. Some big areas many miss: not citing studies, not including keywords, and no author bio info.

  1. Not overtly “selly”.
  2. Must be informative and beneficial to the reader.
  3. Not a conglomeration of things you found online elsewhere and essentially mushed together.
    • the author must have some credibility of the subject matter. For example, one author that submitted an article to us was the CEO of a tea company that was writing an article about the benefits of meditation (likely ghostwritten). When we emailed back wondering why they felt the desire to write the article – as their social media profiles mentioned nothing at all about healthy living what-so-ever, we got nothing back, and could pretty well assume they were just creating an article that they had no real experience or to be able to place backlinks to their website. That article also tried to place him as an authority about meditation, which after we looked into it, didn’t seem authentic.
    • A better way this author could have written an article talking about meditation would be something along the lines of “How Meditation and Tea go hand-in-hand” or “My experience as a newbie meditator” and talking about the use of tea.
  4. Grammar must be fairly decent. It doesn’t need to be perfect as we do proof them before publishing (we may change a few things, add images, etc), though we don’t want to have to re-write the entire article.
  5. Please feel free to have fun, make the reader smile, or laugh. It doesn’t need to be overly serious or a collegiate-level paper, though serious topics are good also. Next, don’t dumb down the information too much – it’s ok to use big words. We likely won’t publish a basic-level article.
  6. We prefer the Oxford Comma. Why? It creates clarity, and for those that like Oxford, they really like it, for those that don’t, they don’t really notice when it’s used and doesn’t really bother them. One of the biggest things we always strive for is to bring clarity around a subject.
  7. We love things cited. This allows the reader to check the facts. Please use normal cite standards. (example)
  8. Do not state something “cures” a specific thing, etc. While some sites will say “Use this simple, natural CURE for XYZ”, we view this mostly as click bate, and not true in most cases. Additionally, the CDC and FDA are not fans of “natural cures” (they often view them as a “new drug”), even if cited with studies. Additionally, Google and other search engines have and do de-list (blacklist) natural health sites that make that a habit (look into what happened to Dr. Mercola, GreenMedInfo, and several others).
  9. When submitting graphics or images for an article, please include a link to where you got the image. We need to verify copyright. Also, include ALT/Title text for the image based on Google and basic SEO standards. Images submitted may or may not be used.
  10. Please have articles between 500-900 words.
  11. Include up to 10 keywords (minimum of 5)
  12. Include an Author Bio, including an image, background, and website URL as well as relevant contact info.


Topics of interest

We accept a wide range of topics that run the gamut of holistic medicine, healthy living and wellness, green products and services, diet and nutrition, spiritual practices, meditation, as well as energy work and metaphysical topics.


*** Notice: We are currently NOT taking new Guest Blog submissions ***


an old red US MailboxHow to submit and timeline

Please submit post to: schaon+guestsubmission@psinergyhealth.com. Articles are generally reviewed within 1-week and published within 2-weeks of receipt, though may take longer depending on life and other obligations. If we feel the article needs work, you will receive a response with feedback for improvement.


After it’s published

After your guest post has been published, we will push the article out to our various social media channels, including:

  • Facebook FanPage and may share it out to various other relevant pages and groups
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • OneSignal subscribers
  • we may include it in our company newsletter
  • we may create a post link from our Google MyBusiness page

Additionally, once the article is approved, we will send an email stating it was approved (and give URL) and would hope that you would also share this with your followers.