What to Expect in a Session

Holistic Health Consultations vs Ala-Carte therapies

We primarily work with people through Wellness or Holistic Health Sessions as we find that there is a greater overall benefit to our clients when we work from this model. While yes people do find fantastic benefits from the Ala-Carte therapies we offer, it may not be the exact therapy system that is right for you at that moment.


Flow of the Holistic Health Consultations

Additional Notes:

± Specific Classifications: In Esogetics, we have 3 Basic or Surface Classifications: Endocrine, Toxic & Stagnation. These 3 classifications help to tell us general information about where you are right now. Additionally, we have 12 in-depth classifications based on the Elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and their Active, Neutral and Passive states. This helps us determine the causal-chain, or root, of your current state. In the first few sessions, we will work more from the surface, which helps to strengthen your foundational self, and slowly move to the deeper layers.