What to Expect in a Session

Holistic Health Consultations vs Ala-Carte therapies

We primarily work with people through Wellness or Holistic Health Sessions as we find that there is a greater overall benefit to our clients when we work from this model. While yes people do find fantastic benefits from the Ala-Carte therapies we offer, it may not be the exact therapy system that is right for you at that moment.

Realize... you are similar to a puzzle, and we have to put the pieces back together, figure out what goes where, and how everything fits together. Some modalities work slightly better for some people, or for some issues... and part of our job is to have an idea of how all of that fits and works together.

Flow of the Holistic Health Consultations

Additional Notes:

± Specific Classifications: In Esogetics, we have 3 Basic or Surface Classifications: Endocrine, Toxic & Stagnation. These 3 classifications help to tell us general information about where you are right now. Additionally, we have 12 in-depth classifications based on the Elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and their Active, Neutral and Passive states. This helps us determine the causal-chain, or root, of your current state. In the first few sessions, we will work more from the surface, which helps to strengthen your foundational self, and slowly move to the deeper layers.