Who do we work with?

*Keep in mind, we do not treat or cure diseases, illness, etc.

We feel overall health and wellness is important for everyone, from children to the elderly, and everyone in-between. While we work with a wide range of people in regards to reducing the negative effects of stress on their lives, like busy professionals including lawyers, small business owners, and salespeople, we also like to work with ASD individuals, the LGBTQ+ community, and anyone who is serious about wellness on all levels of the mind, body, and soul.


Types of Individuals we work with in Natural Medicine


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Some types of individuals we have worked with in the past, or currently work with, include:

Type of Individuals we work with

  • Individuals in the ASD Spectrum (Asperger's & Autism) that have a harder time verbalizing their emotions and helping release stress from the body and mind in a non-verbal way,
  • Individuals who suffer from the effects of Lupus and want some natural options,
  • Individuals who suffer from the effects of Diabetes looking to have a more balanced approach for them specifically,
  • Individuals who suffer from the effects of Chronic Pain like Fibromyalgia and having little success or don't want to do pain medications,
  • Individuals who suffer from the effects of PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression, and other mental health issues that want a different approach (this works great especially in conjunction with a talk therapist - though if you don't want to, or don't feel comfortable with talk therapy, that's OK as well)
  • Individuals who suffered Sexual Abuse and other Trauma, helping to work on releasing the somatic issues still left,
  • Individuals wanting to release the compounded effects of Childhood Abuse in later life,
  • Individuals who suffer from the effects of Immune, Autoimmune Disorders / Weak Immune Systems, including things like Lyme, HIV,
  • Individuals who suffer from the effects of Compressed Vertebras or chronic spinal issues (this works great also in conjunction with Chiropractic care)
  • Individuals who are working through Drug Addiction,
  • Individuals who suffer from the effects of Impotence (stress or drug-related impotence),
  • Individuals that have lingering effects from concussions / TBI,
  • Individuals are going through Cancer, helping to support the system naturally and filling in the "gaps" not often addressed in allopathic medicine, and this is totally ok to use alongside chemo and allopathic medicine.
  • Individuals who suffer from the effects of ADD/ADHD,
  • Individuals who suffer from the effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crones, and other digestive issues, helping digestive coordination and helping to balance the digestive fire, or "agni" from a more natural approach.
  • Other Health Professionals, including Holistic Health Professionals, Nurses, Chiropractors, and yes, even allopathic doctors,
  • as well as many other individuals who are serious about their health.


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