What are the Synapsis Brainwave Therapies?

Life is rhythm. We are constantly subject to the rhythms of day and night, the change of the seasons, tension and relaxation, and the changing rhythms of our brainwaves. It is no longer a secret that each impulse outside or inside of our bodies has to somehow be processed by our consciousness. Therefore, it is not far-fetched to think that “issues” are corresponding to changes in the natural brain rhythms. [read more by the Synapsis Brainwave therapies]

These programs utilize a gentle frequency at the same intensity as your brainwaves, allowing for the brainwaves to experience a healthy oscillation of those frequencies in a defined pattern. We currently have 33 specifically defined therapies, listed below.

Synapsis Brainwave therapies available at PsinergyPrograms available in our clinic:

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