Natural Health Analysis Tools

Analysis Tools utilized within Holistic Medicine

There are a wide range of analysis tools utilized in Holistic and Natural forms of Medicine that help to give us clues as to what the mind-body connection is trying to tell us. No one analysis tool is more important that another, and the information received from a combination of the multiple tools gives us the best picture or best information. Many of these forms of analysis have been utilized for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and have passed the test of time. For example, Pulse and Tongue Analysis are used in both Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, and both systems are over 5,000 years old, the principles of Iridology being first talked about in 1665 by Philippus Meyeus, and the more modern tool, Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis developed by Peter Mandel, is newer and started around the 1970's.

All these tools have their place in practice and have their own strengths as well as weaknesses. By utilizing multiple different forms of analysis, you're able to see a more complete, more holistic view of the individual. Below is a list of some of the holistic analysis tools that we utilize in our clinic.

Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis

The EEA is the first link in the chain of Esogetic holistic methods and at the same time the starting and completion point of client care. In 1973, Mandel developed this reliable and reproducible energy screening approach, which anybody can subject themselves to without danger. The EEA gives a holistic insight into all informational/energetic tendencies and disturbances within the system that underlie conditions and which we call "human."

The Esogetics Model

The model is comprised of 7 principles, systems, or molecules which cooperate indivisibly and determine the 'rhythm of life' per se.



  • Body
  • Coordination
  • Transmitter Relay
  • Information
  • Energy
  • Formative Field
  • Transcendental Field
Puttkamer Organ Segments

The Puttkamer Organ Segments are zones developed by Joachim von Puttkamer based on his work with points and zones according to Head and McKenzie. Puttkamer later published the book "Organ Manipulation through Massage" published by Haug talking about the reflections of the inner organ and the reflex positioning found on the back.

Tongue Analysis

Tongue Analysis is widely used in many branches of holistic medicine including Ayurveda, Chinese, and the wide breadth of Naturopathy. Tongue analysis helps to give us clues as to what is going on with the digestive system, and seeing that everything starts with digestion, it is an important analysis tool.

Non-Diagnostic Iridology

We all have heard the old saying: "The eyes are the mirrors of the soul" or "gateways to the soul". In modern terminology, we view this as talking about hints of the genetic make-up and genetic pre-dispositions. With this analysis tool, we are looking at the color of the iris, various patterns within the fibers (lacunas, clouds, rings, etc), and lines and cloudiness in the conjunctiva.

Facial Physiognomy

The face is considered another microsystem, like foot reflexology or auricular, where the entire body is seen. With this style of analysis we are looking at the color or tone, vertical and horizontal symmetry, and other features like wrinkles and lines, reddening or discolorations, swelling, acne, freckles, the shape of the mouth and phenomena on the lips, and much, much more.

Finger Polarity Analysis
Foot Polarity & Foot Line Reflexology Analysis
Abdominal Analysis according to Yamamoto
Pulse Testing