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Based on Colorpuncture and together with the music researcher couple Korten/ Helm, Peter Mandel found a way to translate therapeutic colors into tonal frequencies by using a specific mathematical formula and to develop a method that shows proven results in practice. These frequencies are conducted as information from the ears to the brain and then to the coordination systems of the body. They are supportive and stabilizing for body and brain functions. The techniques employed - like for instance the acoustic principle of "guided attention" - are completely unique in the arena of sound therapies.

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Color Sound Therapy

Current Esogetics Color Sound Therapies:

Psychosomatic Balance

Psychosomatic Balancing Sound TherapyThe psychosomatic balance sound treatment stimulates the hormonal balance and reduces stress. Modern day life can cause stressful feelings to the point of "being overwhelmed." It is not uncommon for these feelings of overwhelm to eventually lead to subsequent bodily and/or psychic problems, particularly in the endocrine system. Through this color-sound therapy, the natural regulating mechanisms in the body and psyche are stimulated and strengthened.




Concentration Color Sound TherapyToday, people increasingly show signs of fatigue, listlessness, lack of concentration and forgetfulness. This does not merely affect the elderly. Children and young people in particular are increasingly unable to concentrate. That is no wonder, when one considers the indescribable abundance of impressions and information that all of us are subjected to between waking and going to sleep. Technical progress relieves us of some tedious and bothersome thought processes, but at the same time it demands more flexibility, parallel thinking and concentrated working on our part, due to the speedy distribution of information. And then, at some point, a time is reached in which we are no longer capable of carrying out a single task thoroughly or of concentrating on a simple train of thought. Because we are naturally not able to reduce to a manageable level the flood of exterior impressions and information upon us, we must learn how to cope with this. The Sound Therapy "Concentration" is designed to help this. The frequencies upon which this CD is based support mental alertness. They promote receptiveness – for example, in the case of school children with learning disabilities resulting from difficulties in concentration.

This CD is generally recommended for all ages for improving and stabilizing the ability of concentration and memory, as well as fatigue and feelings of pressure in the head.

Headache / Migraine

Headache/Migraine Color Sound TherapyThe Headaches/Migraines Color Sound Therapy is not merely suitable for relieving and alleviating pain conditions, but rather for prevention, meaning before a cramp is even able to occur. It has been observed that in attacks of migraine, which originally occurred on a daily basis, the regular use of the CD increasingly lengthens the pain-free periods, until the patient finally remains free of pain in the long term.



Insomnia / Sleeping Disorders

Insomnia/Sleep Disturbances Color Sound TherapyExtraordinary strains, poor nutrition, problems, stress, depression and pain are the most frequent factors that lead to blockages, and thus to sleeping disorders. They prevent us from reaching the "theta/relaxation level" of the brain waves – which is necessary for falling asleep – and from there to the "delta/deep-sleep" level. The sleeping difficulties resulting from this affect the deep-sleep and sleeping behavior and prevent processing during sleep. In this manner, the negative cycle is complete! Falling asleep is an active occurrence, a conscious turning away from intellectual and volitional activities, an intentional letting go of the content of daily consciousness. Blockages prevent this process.

The Sleeping Disorders Color Sound Therapy is not a CD for falling asleep, however, since it is intended to assist in removing blockages, as well as to harmonize and calm brain activity, so that everyday situations can be better recognized and processed. If the CD were to be listened to directly before falling asleep, the logical consequence would be an increase in the difficulty of falling asleep! The more that blockages are consciously – and more importantly unconsciously – dispelled, the easier falling asleep will be, and the sleep itself will be that much deeper and calmer.

Immune Support

Immune Support Color Sound TherapyThe causes of a weakening of the immune system take many forms: air pollution from car and factory emissions, insufficient oxygen supply, affects of microscopic organisms such as viruses and bacteria, nutrition related problems, constant influence of noise, as well as a lack of activity, and at the same time excessive physical and mental demands of all types. The immune system is subjected to above-normal demands and is thereby quickly overwhelmed and no longer able to sufficiently fulfill its protective function. Fatigue and weakness are two possible consequences.

The CD "Immune Support" is designed to help in such situations by helping to strengthen the immune system and stimulating the lymph flow. As a result of this, immunoglobulins are stabilized and there is a normalization of helper and killer cells. This Sound Therapy is also outstandingly suited in the case of skin disorders, flu and viral infections, as well as an accompanying therapy for all types of bodily complaints and manifested illnesses. Laboratory tests have shown, for example, that regularly listening to this CD more quickly normalizes the blood picture than previously.

Motivation & Creativity

Motivation & Creativity Color Sound TherapyStimulates feeling and understanding emotions and with that the motivation to lead the life according to one's needs. This is not a medical treatment, and is not a substitute for medical care. If you are sick you should see your doctor.

These tapes are "translations" of Mandel's color frequency patterns or treatment into sound therapies. The recordings were a collaborative effort between Mandel and well-known German music therapists. Different sound therapies address a variety of treatments.


Wholeness Series - Spirit, Body & Soul

Wholeness Set - Spirit, Body & SoulCD 1 "Spirit" focuses on the thalamus. This organ of our brain controls all of the sensory perceptions and is considered the door to our consciousness, because it “switches“ the stimulus of the inner and outer world to the cerebral cortex. Every irritation of the thalamus function is accompanied by a shift in the perception and consciousness. For this reason, the regulation and activation of the thalamus is of the greatest importance for the awareness and consciousness. The frequencies used for this CD have a regulating and activating effect.

CD 2 "Body" is designed for the improvement of cell signaling, thus the vitally important exchange of information between the individual cells of our body. At the same time, it influences the cellular environment and promotes expulsion and detoxification. Due to the reduced contamination of our body with toxins, the cells again become receptive to the information upon which biological communication is based. Through this process, the cells find their own proper rhythmic behavior. When we consider that changed rhythmic behavior is equivalent to changed or even incorrect cellular information, then it becomes clear how important the “care of our body’s cells“ is for our health.

CD 3 "Soul" addresses the human mental and emotional condition. It regulates and activates the functions of the hypothalamus, which is considered to be the “highest authority“ of the hormonal system. The hypothalamus controls all of the hormonal and vegetative processes and regulates the body’s inner environment. The third CD of the Wholeness series relates to the soul portion, because optimal hypothalamus functions mean inner stability and more vitality.

Conflict Resolution Series

Conflict Resolution Color Sound TherapyThis series is based on the Conflict Resolution Colorpuncture Therapy by Peter Mandel. Here too color vibrations are directed to the brain according to the corresponding sound structure.

  • CD 1: Cone of Memory
  • CD 2: Resolution of Blockages
  • CD 3: Letting Go
  • CD 4: Energy Increase

It is evident that all four CDs are based upon each other. This is because blocking cannot be gotten rid of, before we remember the causes (this occurs in the subconscious, at the place where the conflicts have concealed themselves). We can also only let go, once we have brought about a solution; and ultimately the increasing of energy is only then possible, when we recall the conflicts or illness-inducing patterns in the depths of our consciousness, when we recognize, solve, and let go of the corresponding blockage. For this reason you should always listen to the four CDs in the intended sequence and in combination with one another.

Dream Soundscapes Series
  1. Balance
    Balance improves the ability to accept life as an eternally changing process. We begin to comprehend that we are included in the processes of natural laws. An understanding for the "coming and going", the "becoming and passing", is on the increase. We learn to accept that nothing remains static, even when we wish very much that it would be that way. Everything, even the most difficult situations in life, changes and makes room for the new. This is why it is so important to view changes as a chance and to use this chance to one’s own advantage. In this way, balance is created over the course of time; the old can be let go of, the new can be welcomed. "Resting" and "active" phases alternate in harmony; serenity is attained.
  2. Regeneration
    This soundscape supports and strengthens all mental processes that deal with regeneration, restoration and reorientation, at the beginning of a new stage in one’s life. Such a phase can be influenced or even triggered by a career change, decisions relating to one’s partner or other persons one is close to, as well as through one’s own personal development. The Esogetic soundscape Regeneration can also affect the body – meaning relaxation and recuperation, change in dietary habits, curing of complaints or generally a changed consciousness of the body. Enjoyment, activity, creativity, inventiveness and fantasy are optimized. The greatest possible performance potential is thereby available to you – above all in exhaustive productivity periods.
  3. Self-Confidence
    The pursuit of happiness, contentment and harmony are anchored as a "basic principle" in every human being. This CD helps to develop and sustain states of mind, such as happiness, contentment and harmony. The beneficial effects are a signpost pointing the way to the essential core within us – and thereby also to the primordial knowledge (the so-called "knowledge of the heart") that resides in each one of us. Each of us knows how valuable and delightful thoughts, words and deeds are, when they "come from the heart"; for those who give, as well as for those who receive. The more that we recognize what life plan is designed within us, the more we live out what is within ourselves, knowing that this "knowledge of the heart" is the only true one. We live from within our beings, and we no longer live our lives through other people, and we are not "remote controlled" by them. This provides increasingly more confidence in decision making, along with the certainty to have made the correct decisions.
  4. Vitality
    The sound sequences of this soundscape assist us in accessing new insights and developing the strength to realize them. Vitality is reinforced; breathing is deep and full of strength. The certainty of being able to master all challenges and to reach all of our goals constantly vibrates within us, like a fundamental tone of life. Confidence in success is built up and stabilized. Inner sources become accessible to us. They provide all of the information needed for the fulfillment of one’s own life-task. We clearly recognize the facts and their interrelationships, which we require for the realization of our ideas and plans. These findings are the underlying dynamics of action, allowing us to reach our goals with verve and impetus.
  5. Self-Knowledge
    This soundscape gradually increases the awareness of inner powers and the ability to recognize that we are more than the sum total of our bodily functions. We know intuitively that there is a great power through which we have come into being. We are not often enough connected with this power; the daily stress and strain alone prevents us from becoming conscious of this "power" and from making the connection. The CD Self-Knowledge has the purpose of helping you to once again envision this power, to affirm it and to connect with it. In so doing, it is not important what you call this power. Through this "foundation" it will be possible for you to recognize what had previously hindered you and what you need, in order to arrange your life reasonably and to be able to fully develop. You feel connected with the creative forces that have their effect everywhere in nature. This is a precondition for understanding, locating and reducing one’s own inhibitions, blockages and oppositions.
  6. Change
    After recognizing and acknowledging the creative force within us, without which no life would be possible, you take the next step with this soundscape: The CD generates the absolutely necessary free and continuous flow of energy through all systems of our unity: body – soul – spirit. Only by means of this correction of the energy flow and of our thoughts are consequential reactions able to come into being. In this connection, it depends upon neutralizing the incorrect information, which is known to be stored in even the smallest cell, so that an uninterrupted exchange of stimuli and information is able to take place. The continuous flow facilitates increased growth of our desire to free ourselves from bad relationships, difficulties and negative thoughts, in order to find possibilities of changing old, unhelpful behavior patterns and finding new paths to take. There is no place in your thoughts for such preconceived notions as "I can’t do that" or "that’s impossible".
  7. Reorientation
    The desire for change is a precondition for reorientation. The soundscape provides the opportunity to overcome melancholy and resignation and to pursue the paths that lead to one's goal. Moods are often the initial consequences of a "path deviation"; they seek to unconsciously tell us that the intended goal cannot be achieved through previous thinking, behavior and actions. As a result of soundscape No. 6 being designed as a basis for reorientation, this CD promotes the possibility of overcoming depression, melancholy, sadness and resignation, and in so doing taking the paths necessary in order to reach one’s life goal. Once you have recognized what had made you depressive, melancholic, sad and resigned, or even aggressive and dissatisfied, then it will become clear that you should live in a manner directly opposed to these detrimental causes, in order to become content and happy.
  8. Harmony
    The content of this CD is the theme of "What I have started, I will successfully finish". You have become aware of who you are; you have understood what had previously been a hindrance; you know what should be reduced or neutralized. A "change in consciousness" or "metamorphosis" can now be completed. You live more intensely; you live out of the "inner core". This means that you perceive everything more consciously and clearly than before, and as a consequence your thoughts and actions correspond to the creative force, which you have recognized as being decisive and pathbreaking for you. Actions are the result of previous thought processes. This interaction controls moods, and this in turn directly and lastingly influences our bodily well-being. The soundscape Harmony supports you in reaching your life goal and leading a conscious, healthy and harmonious life, because you are able to manage the events of your life, because you are able to correctly evaluate, deal with and consequently act on the events of your life.
  9. Completion
    This soundscape is a compilation of CDs 1 – 8, and it processes the entire range of themes into a summarized version. The most effective parts of each individual CD have been interlinked. This soundscape completes the cycle of the previous sound sequences and combinations. Listening to the fine frequencies of this CD reactivates the reactions caused by the previous soundscapes and further regulates them. We could observe specific reactions in the head, the pelvis and along the spinal column. People said that during and after listening to this CD they could feel a soothing relaxation in these sectors.

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