Uses of Color Frequencies

Why use Color instead of needles?

Based on the research of Fritz-Albert Popp, we know that the cells are able to absorb light, store light as well as give off light intelligently, and we know that without light, life is not possible (as well as a bunch of other things). We utilize color (which each color is a specific wave frequency) to produce a variety of effects centered around:

  • Balancing the Energy flow along the meridians of the body (this is similar to acupuncture, though acupuncture utilizes needles to balance the yin/yang energy flows into the acupuncture point).
  • Provides the meridian/acupuncture point with new, correct information or set of instructions. For example, for someone that is constipated, we could irradiate with red light Large Intestine 4 (LI4) to help alleviate the constipation by telling the acupuncture point to provide more flow to the large intestines. Similarly, if someone has diarrhea, we could use that same point, except using the color yellow which helps to restore balance in the large intestines and detoxify the intestines allowing it to push out any toxins that maybe causing the diarrhea.

Spectral Colors

Primarily, we use a set of 7 colors. We utilize Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Turquoise, Blue and Violet. 


Red penetrates into the body deeply as the wavelength is wider, and hence able to go around the cells easier. Red is used in all cases of low or inadequate blood supply, it is the color of the heart, lungs, and muscles. It raises the blood pressure as well as the breath frequency, enhances circulation and is used for treating puss-free wounds and inflammation, skin diseases, chronic coughs, asthma, inflammation of the throat, anemia and herpes. Red also makes a person talkative, more animated, happy, eager and passionate.


Is a mixture of Red and Yellow, and is used when you want benefits of both Red and Yellow. Orange is the color of Happiness, joy, warmth of the heart and kindness. Orange is mostly used in psychological ailments as it helps to up-lift the mood, and at the same time encourages the system to "flush." Orange is used often with chronic fatigue, pessimism, psychotic attacks, depression, fear, listlessness, anemia, weight loss and insufficiencies of the heart. Orange is also a great color while at work as it brings strength, and helps to cheer you up.


Yellow is used in digestive, endocrine and lymphatic issues. Yellow helps to strengthen the nervous system, stimulates digestion and a "flushing" of the lymphatic system. Yellow also helps to bring chronic diseases to the surface, allowing them to be dealt with more effectively. Yellow also helps stimulate the left side of the brain, hence the intellect, and helps with retention of information.


Green is a neutralizing color. We utilize this color to work on metabolism issues, diabetic responses, chronic diseases, ulcers, cysts, and eye disorders. Green has a harmonizing and balancing effect, and brings contentment, sedates and relaxes.


Dark Turquoise relates with the outer layer of the psyche (the body). We believe that psychological symptoms are found in the outer layer of the psyche.


Blue is used for loosening cramps and tension, induce relaxation, treating infected wounds, decreasing fever, pain, swollen limbs, sleeplessness and heavy bleeding, menopause. Blue also helps ADD/ADHD children study as it allows for stillness, quietness and restraint.


Violet is the color of the spirit, emotions and the right brain as well as the color of meditation. It allows for a deep inner-freedom and enhances intuition and imagination. Violet regulates the connection between the body and the psyche as well as stimulates the lymphatic system.


Rose is considered the 10th color in Colorpuncture, which is important in numerology as it symbolizes "the beginning again, and helps you to start anew" or essentially completion. It allows for redemption and enlightenment, and helps encourage unconditional love for oneself and others. Rose penetrates to the spiritual core of ones being..

Light Green

Relates to the right side of the body, as well as inducing a spiritual birth.

Light Turquoise

Relates to the inner-psyche. Creates a deep feeling of peace, contentment and happiness. Breathing also becomes easier, and the mind calms.


Enhances creativity, allows for serenity and grace, power over ones thoughts, and the expression to the outside world.

Grey 'Colors'

Grey is a mixture of all the colors, and hence, has the benefits from all the colors. We utilize three shades of grey; a light grey, medium grey and a dark grey. Each then would have varying degree of each color, and is used for very stuck structures, and essentially is bombarded with massive amounts of information and energy to get the structure to move, and allowing for a transformation. The grey color scale would be to much for a very sick individual and should not be used in that event.


Assists in bringing deeply buried issues to the forefront, moves stagnant (a.k.a. DOR = Dead Orgone) energy. This frequency can be very intense for individuals with many deeply buried traumas.


Out of all the colors we use, Infra-Red (IR) at 950 nm penetrates the deepest, and is used mostly in pain therapies, allowing the wave frequency to penetrate to the nucleus of the cell, providing it with more energy.