Ophthalmotropic Genetic Therapy

A Therapy System Based on the Eye and Applied on the Body

It is a well-known fact that our sensory organs are special "portals” to the levels of body, soul and spirit, whether we look at it from a diagnostic or therapeutic viewpoint. This is a very obvious insight, especially when we look at the human being as a whole being, a living system in which there are no one-way streets.

Iris – Organ: A Consistent Connection

In contrast to other analysis methods, like for instance the Kirlian Energetic Emission Analysis (EEA), the iris analysis (iridology) with its connection to the organs and their functions or dysfunctions, informs us about the genetic information.

If our sensory organs are carriers of information about acquired or genetic traits and conditions and are also portals to access this information, then it should be possible to use the iridology topography to introduce information as well.

Ophthalmotropic Genetic Therapy connection with Iridology and DNA
Iridology Chart

The Topography of the Eye on the Forehead

Our approach was to transfer the "weak points” that could be detected in the iris onto the corresponding topographical areas of the forehead, which then allowed us to draw clues in regards to stress/change without taking the details of the presenting symptomatology into account. That led to a synthesis between the iridological and Esogetic contexts and the results have been extraordinary. For the first time the phenomenology of the iris has now been successfully transferred into treatment protocols and has been therapeutically validated. With these findings and therapeutically triggered reactions, the location of the organs within the iris has now been empirically proven.

What is the Real Difference in the OGT?

What is the real difference between the OGT and other modes of therapy? The points and zones of the topography of the forehead are believed to have a direct connection to the brain as seen through empirical research. By transferring the "individual genetic mirror” from the iris onto a projection on the forehead we are inducing impulses, which then lead to reflexes on the level of the genetic information. Thus the OGT opens up an infinite number of options to treat diseases along the lines of genetic information. Even genetic misinformation or constitutional weakness, which can lead to physical or psychological stress, theoretically can be corrected or strengthened through this information that is being introduced from the outside. In Esogetic medicine we achieve this goal through Colorpuncture (also Ultraviolet, Infrared and Gray Fields), brain wave point induction therapy, piezoelectric impulses and acupuncture.

OGT Template