Sleep & Dream Therapies

What are Dream Therapies?

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“If you want to preserve your creativity, it is imperative to sleep sufficiently. During the night the brain sorts the impressions of the day, solidifies the memory and facilitates new insights and ideas.”

--Peter Mandel, Symbols Workshop: Dreams, 2010

Basic Information

Sleep and dream constitute their own unique states of consciousness, where impressions and memories from the day are processed, sorted and stabilized.

Undoubtedly any dis-ease affects sprit - mind and body equally. With these therapies, we are no longer starting with the obvious complaints, but we are trying in our therapy to reach the subconscious background and causes.

It is the task of the human being to reconnect the parts. The dreams are small portals through which we can get a glimpse of the “chaos of wholeness” - the higher order, that seems to be the home of the soul in this incarnation and this is where all tasks for us humans have been written down. Thus our dreams are help from the soul, when the ego-consciousness does not know where to go next.

Though our dreams seem to be grotesque - immoral - violent or childish, they are representing the life quality of the subconscious and are always related to the outer world of the ego/ I. Understanding the images and events of the dream helps us to comprehend the “falsehood” of our intellect. The difficulty is to learn to understand the scenes of the nightly movies and to know that they are solely about us and our conflicts. The dream is the soul’s assistance for the conscious life. All dis-eases play out on a background of psychic rigidity. We could call it an “emotional focus” that poisons our life quality.

“Self-knowledge is an adventure that leads into unexpected expanses and depths.” ~C.G. Jung

The dream is the courier of our ‘higher Self”. It delivers the message for us “to see what we do not want to see.” As C.G.Jung has said, the dream is a path to wholeness, to self-realization and self-knowledge. The rigidified personality of the severely dis-eased person sees only the pain and succumbs to the fear of “what might be coming next”. There is a standstill and no dynamic movement forward, the individual life-path is blocked. The impulses of the soul shut down, the “images of the night” stay away. We can no longer dream with remembrance in order to recognize and understand the impulses of our “inner self” and the help that it is making available to us.

These therapies are designed to help strengthen the mind, body and soul, and allow for you to move through and reconnect fully with your higher self.

“Dreams bring topics of our life and the necessity to change to our awareness long before a physical disease forces us to make an emotional change, when it is perhaps already too late to recover health without the scalpel of a surgeon - if that is even an option on the spiritual level.” ~Strephon Kaplan-Williams, The Elements of Dreamwork