Akashic Records Reiki

Akashic Records ReikiThe Akashic records are where all information about a person is stored. Their past, their lessons, the people they meet and why, their talents and passions, thoughts, feelings, etc.


What’s unique about this session:

These sessions often work through traumas and events of the past to help move forward. These sessions may focus on relationships of the past, traumatic events, lessons being shown again in this life, gifts and talents from other lives, and breaking patterns we refuse to learn from. By acknowledging and recognizing the source of our issues, we are able to gain clarity about some of the “why” questions in life: Why am I so drawn to working with horses? Why do I feel so uneasy around this person? Why do I suddenly feel unable to stomach bread? Why do I feel like I’m fighting a battle with this person? Why do I feel so guilty about this situation? Why am I afraid of heights? The clarity of these questions help give us guidance in our next steps , how to better support a situation, how to better support ourselves, or how to just release and let go.