Celtic Reiki

Celtic ReikiFounded by Martyn Pentecost, Celtic Reiki channels the energy of the trees and other plants in order to create an environment suitable for healing and manifestation. Originally starting with 18 essences of trees, the system has long expanded to incorporate trees sacred to many around the world. These trees show us how to regain balance within to help with healing. Celtic Reiki also inspires us along personal and spiritual paths for growth and development by connection to the energy and wisdom of the Celts.


What makes this system unique:

Celtic Reiki is much more about healing deeply emotional or layered issues. It helps to manifest healing to clear our pathways to new beginnings and how to utilize them. The energetic feel is similar to walking through a forest on a soothing day. A day that consists of clearing your mind of stress and too much on our to-do list, breathing, feeling the warmth on your skin, exhaling tension, and listening to the songs of the natural world around us.

Most systems of Reiki are channeled from the divine above. Celtic Reiki channels from the Earth and offers a different perspective on healing. This allows us to gain wisdom about our own lives as we move along on our paths.