Dragon Reiki

Dragon ReikiA culmination of several different Reiki systems, Dragon Reiki works with the energy of dragons to offer a dynamic energy within a session. Dragons are ancient and wise, but not ones to be taken lightly. They have been through a disaster or two, so listen closely when they offer their wisdom in navigation through our blocks.

What makes this system unique:

Working with dragons closely offers a chance to clear blockages emotionally, spiritually, mentally, etc. Using their massive energy, they assist us by burning through all that stands in front of us. They show us how to not only clear energy away that keeps us back, but also how to burn it and be done with it. They give us a space to let go and reduce to ash the things that no longer serve us. Given a large stone will, they will help us knock it down.  They also inspire our own energy to move by lighting a fire underneath us. Be ready. Dragons are not always subtle. You may form a connection with a new friend in your life.

The dragon realm consists of energies from many different cultures, elements, etc. Each dragon is different and unique in personalities and specialties.  A water dragon has very different energy than a fire dragon. It is difficult to generalize what you may learn with the assistance of a dragon, but you’re sure to have a unique ride with them.