Signals of the Body & Activating Dreams for Healing


Learn 21+ Holistic self-care therapies that use a combination of touch and a special blend of essential oils and light to clear blockages and help promote health and wellbeing in this 1/2 day workshop.

Therapies include body zones to promote dreaming, release emotional polarities and promoting emotional balance and areas to release brain fog and increase mental strength, another to open up joy within your life; a protocol for headaches, cramps, as well as protocols to help with issues with colds, circulatory issues and weather sensitivities.

In Esogetics, we believe that whenever we experience physical pain or discomfort, the body is trying to tell us something. Most people today have lost the ability to make sense of the signals or messages coming from the body. In particular, we have forgotten that our particular bodily symptoms may actually be connected or related to what is happening in our inner psychological and spiritual processes. Esogetic Colorpuncture seeks to return this forgotten knowledge to people. We believe it is very important to rediscover how to use the signals coming from our bodies as clues. And, that these clues can help us gain deeper insight into ourselves and our inner processes so that we can heal more effectively at body, soul, and spirit levels.

It is important to note that learning to listen to these signals of our bodies requires a willingness to be more honest with ourselves. We must be willing to look deeply at what these signals are trying to tell us about ourselves and any inner, unresolved conflicts we may have.


The Gradually Debilitating Effects of lnner Stress

Over time, if we are unable to honestly confront our inner frustrations and conflicts, we will begin to experience ever-increasing internal stress. And when that stress becomes too much, it will begin to express itself in our bodies as sensations or symptoms, which, in Esogetics, we call “signals”. At first, these signals may seem minor. For example, we may just wake up in the morning feeling tired and scattered, even though we slept long enough. And, we wonder why we feel so tired all the time.

What we don’t understand that it is not a question of how long we sleep. Rather, it is the way we move through the various brain rhythms of during sleep that determines whether our bodies and brains are able to regenerate and recharge during the night. If we have lost the ability to move through these brain rhythms properly – due to the buildup of internal stress – we will also gradually lose our capacity to regenerate and heal at night. Thus, the seemingly minor signal of poor sleep can eventually lead to more serious problems in the body. That is why, from the Esogetic point of view, we believe one must explore and release the inner conflict stresses that cause these body signals, in order to heal effectively.


Energy Exchange / Cost:
  • $45 for non-members/public
  • $40.50 for Psinergy Monthly-Members
  • $22.50 for CCPs or current students going through Colorpuncture Certification