Crossroads – Blessed Herbal Candle by Coventry Creations (Limited Edition)


The crossroads are a no man’s land, meaning that they are a place in between; the place of magic and potential. Wisdom lives at the crossroads, the wisdom we may not be ready to see and may even be afraid of. Fear of the trickster at the crossroads looking to trade us for our souls. What the trickster really represents is the exchange of our innocence for a responsibility that is required every time we unlock a deeper level of wisdom. Use this candle when you are at your own crossroads and are ready to unlock your future.

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Midnight black candle with a mystical fragrance of frankincense and cypress. 1.5” x 7” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.

This Limited Edition Blessed Herbal Crossroads candle includes an extra pamphlet with instruction on how to craft your own crossroads ritual and a blessed skeleton key from our resident Enchantress, Jacki Smith. Only 600 of these ritual candles created.


Candle Blessing:

At the crossroads I now stand humbled heart and hat in hand. Man of the crossroads, keeper of keys Elegba, dark rider, I am on my knees Luck, love, life and loss all magic exists where the roads cross Open the roads, open the door Close the roads the are no more In my confusion I refuse to wallow guide me in ways that I can follow Elegba, father, I call to you rise from the road & show what is true.


Blessed Herbal

Limited Edition