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If you want a main go-to oil, if you want an oil which is flexible enough to combine with other, more purposed ingredients, or if you are just frugal and want a single oil to use to dress your candles, mojo bags, spellings, then Van Van is a classic choice for an all-purpose conjure oil. You want to make sure you get a good quality oil if it’s going to be your primary energetic partner, and when you use it, you really need to have a strong focus to guide all that energy.

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My Van Van oil has Pyrite & Organic Lemongrass in each bottle. If you are shopping for Van Van, remember that any good traditional hoodoo dressing oil will contain real herbs and curios, such as my Van Van oil which contains the Organic Lemongrass plus prosperity-drawing pyrite powder.

Van Van is a favorite for:

  • banishing and clearing evil
  • purification
  • ritual preparation
  • protection
  • meditation
  • Turnaround – bad luck becomes best luck, and poor investments turn into abundance
  • good luck in money, business, gambling, and love
  • as a road opener

My products are intended for use as aids in spiritual and ritual work. GreyDragonsLair does not guarantee the outcome of any ritual or spell with the use of my products.
Please note all items ship from a pet-friendly home.


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