BodyTalk Access for Daily Success – Remote Monthly Membership


The BodyTalk Access protocol is fantastic for your overall wellness, and a nice addition to the other things that you do as it is believed to help to re-establish internal lines of communication within the body-mind-soul allowing you to be more of you with ease. This ultimately helps the individual have more resiliency towards stress and any other factors that may be detrimental to long-term health. Additionally, “linking” statements are also included. (more information below)

Note: This is a monthly auto-recurring membership.

The BodyTalk Access protocol is fantastic for your overall wellness and a nice addition to the other things that you do.

Each day, SchaOn runs this protocol for everyone in the group remotely The process includes aspects from BodyTalk such as Cortices, Switching, Hydration, Body Chemistry, and Reciprocals.

In addition, SchaOn also adds in a “linking” statement for the group. A linking statement helps the system work on something specific, like one day it might be working on “Motivation”, another day it might be to feel or attract more prosperity, etc. The theme for the linking statements are at random and often chosen based on what SchaOn sees is going on with his in-person clients, or things that it seems the whole world consciousness might be having some struggles with via what he sees on Social Media (like if he’s seeing a lot of despair on Social Media, the linking statement might be “feeling and experiencing more joy and happiness with ease and glory.” From time to time, SchaOn may also add in other bonuses he has learned within the BodyTalk system, like Chakra Balancing, or some of the more traditional BodyTalk-style linking processes, etc, or adding in other remote energy work options he has learned over the years that feel like they are called for.


Note: These sessions are done remotely on an entire group of people. This membership is automatically included in the Holistic Health Monthly memberships.


How to Enroll

  1. Click the “Enroll” button above, or go to:
  2. Sign-in (if you do not have an account, click “Sign up”)
  3. Select “Membership” > “Enroll”
  4. Select “BodyTalk Access for Daily Success – Remote Monthly Membership” from the drop-down menu
  5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  6. Enter Credit Card information
  7. Click “Pay now”
  8. You will be added to the group and start to receive the remote session the following day after signing up
  9. If you have questions or having issues enrolling please call us at (612) 217-4325



  • What do you need to do to receive this daily?
    The first part is to sign-up. Once that is completed, there’s no specific action that you need to do except being willing to receive.
  • When is this normally done?
    The protocol is normally physically done sometime between 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM CST, though some days it might be at different times. The protocol is set to “integrate” when it is correct for you to integrate it.
  • Do I need to be sitting peacefully or focusing on something during that time?
    No, it will automatically integrate when your system is ready for it or correct for it to integrate.
  • What if I don’t need it that day, or doesn’t need part of it?
    Your system will not integrate what it does not need.