Vivobase line of products

Vivobase products are now available at Psinergy! VIVOBASE GmbH is a Rilling Group company. German engineering expertise combined with decades of medical experience provided the manufacturing foundation for these innovative, groundbreaking protective devices. VIVOBASE researches, develops, and produces devices which effectively protect against electromagnetic radiation. We would like to point out that our VIVOBASE products are not typical ‘esoteric’ solutions – instead, they are ‘electro-technical’ solutions with a proven high efficacy. As a family company, providing value to our customers and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

German-engineered and manufactured – high quality is the benchmark when producing VIVOBASE products. Our goal is to enable our customers to attain a higher quality of life and well-being through the use of our family of products. We truly believe that VIVOBASE is a tool that can enable everyone to achieve and maintain good health.

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