2018 — Year of the Earth Dog! (Thousand Light & An-Tai-Sui Dharma Ceremony)

Thousand Light & An-Tai-Sui Dharma Rites

Happy Chinese New Year!
2018 — Year of the Earth Dog!

Once again, the Chinese New Year is quickly approaching.  We wish everyone with the affinity and the destiny to receive this message, a joyous holiday, filled with good luck and all the fortune you desire!

Each year Chinese Esoteric Buddhist temples around the world hold a ceremony on the Chinese New Year to extinguish obstacles and hindrances which can be brought by “Tai-Sui” (the title of the deity who commands the year), as well as the Thousand Light Dharma Rite which offers peace, prosperity, and good health to all.  On the eve of the Chinese New Year, the Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association will hold these rites at Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness in St. Paul, MN.  Anyone who would like to light a candle for their loved ones to be included in the  Thousand Light rite is welcome to attend free of charge. Those who wish to be included in the “An-Tai-Sui” Dharma Rite ceremony should give an offering of one of the suggested amounts below.  This rite is for those born in the years of the Ox, Dragon, Dog, and Goat/Ram, and its aim is to extinguish all of the difficulties, illnesses, disasters of the next year, and help create a healthy body, a happy heart, an abundance of wealth, and all and everything according to your will.

We invite you to come light a lamp for you and your loved ones, be a part of the ceremony!

Thousand Light & An-Tai-Sui Dharma Rites:

February 15, 2018:  6 -9 pm

@ Psinergy, 1553 Como Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108


You can make a charitable & virtuous “An-Tai-Sui” donations on behalf of yourself and your loved ones with a $32, $72, $108, $300, $600, $900 or greater offering to be included in this protective and life-enhancing Dharma Rite. Businesses may also make a charitable and virtuous “An-Tai-Sui” contribution of $300, $600, $900, or more.  For businesses, the ceremony aims to bring overflowing financial resources, to extinguish disasters, suffering, and difficulties during 2018.  The business will enjoy successful litigations, have a promising future, and will receive the continuous daily empowerment of Vajracharya ZhiChan and the Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association.  A portion of the offerings will be given to Dari Rulai Temple in Long Beach and the names will also be included in their rite on February 14, 2018.  Another portion of the offerings will go to Psinergy’s charity of their choice (still TBD).

Those wishing to be included in the AnTaiSui Rite should send their offerings to Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association and Charlotte Steen by February 13, 2018.  Funds must be drawn on US Bank.  Credit cards accepted.  Call 651-278-0697 to request or email: steenc108@gmail.com.