Faerie Reiki

Fairie ReikiFaerie Reiki combines several different healing systems channeled by others.  Faeries have been on the Earth a long time. Sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously. They can be little tricksters, with the best of intentions of course! They remind us of our inner child, how to dance with the music of the flowers, how to grow our gardens both spiritually and physically.


What’s unique about this system:

Faeries remind us of the inner child. This isn’t to say it will heal all childhood traumas, though they would not shy away from the challenge, faeries more like to each us how to be one with the song of the Earth. The song of the Earth also resides within. They remind us how to grow with the flowers, nourish with the rain, and how to find our answers within the Earth itself. They remind us to play. Giggle. Dance. Sing. Be.

The feeling of working with faeries is often very light. Sometimes your nose might feel like someone is tickling it. Well, someone might be. They teach us how to grow opportunities and plant new seeds to grow. They help is be one with our manifesting and be active in the growing process.

Similar to Dragon Reiki there are many different types of faeries to work with: from elves and gnomes to undines and sylphs. Each faerie has a unique specialty and gift to offer each session. They might not steal your children as they do in lore, but they won’t shy away from sticking gum to your keys on the table so you don’t forget them.