Nervous System: Anxiety, Restlessness, Depression, Forgetfulness, Insomnia & Quick Excitability & All Joint Issues


This zone around the acupuncture point PC 6 is also of importance for the short programs of the induction therapy. On one hand the indications are related to the nervous system, especially to anxiety, restlessness, depression, forgetfulness, insomnia and quick excitability (also sexually). On the other hand this zone is important for rheumatic complaints that might affect all joints. In that case there seems to be a connection with the previously mentioned point TW 5, which is found exactly opposite.

Apart from its extensive list of indications (according to Bachmann) this point is a way to influence the nervous system, in order to support consecutive therapeutic measures. In this regard it is also noteworthy that in Esogetic medicine the inside of the wrist is the place of the “zone of joy”, which can be treated with two drops of Esogetic wildcrafted herbal oil in the morning.

Therapy options:

  • Power Nap – 15 minutes
  • Short Gamma – 10 minutes