Scapula Reflex Zone (Unfolding)


In the center of both shoulder blades we find the zones of “unfoldment”. I have chosen this name, because sad people and those, who are not particularly favored by life, tend to walk through life bent over and with hanging arms. They are unable to hold themselves “upright” and often complain of pain in the thoracic spine. They have often experienced oppression in their childhood (commonly before age 6) and could not “unfold”. They take that with them in life and their belief systems all show a very similar topic:

I am disadvantaged by life, nothing works out. My family and all other people are burdens to me, and they load everything on my shoulders. I cannot assert myself, nothing makes any sense. These or similar words are what we hear from these folks in our clinic.

This is where the Power Nap Program together with the Program “Conflict Resolution” can provide a first step towards liberation.

Therapy options:

  • Power Nap – 15 minutes
  • Short Gamma – 10 minutes