11/29/2015: Ioho (E-yo), or Yew

Ioho seems to come up at least every other month to remind us of that constant birth, death, and rebirth cycle. Each year, month, week, day, hour, and minute is a chance for a new cycle. Take each chance to rebirth into something new. This means being able to let[...]
Ioho (E-yo), or Yew Ogham

8/9/2015: Ioho (E-yo), or Yew

Once again, Ioho is coming to chat with us.  (It’s really difficult not to make Yew jokes. Especially around the Psinergy office.) Ioho was the Wood of the Week 2 weeks ago to let us know that change and rebirth is coming. Well, now he’s telling us the change is here.[...]
Ioho (E-yo), or Yew Ogham

7/26/2015: Ioho (E-yo), or Yew

Oh, yew. Of course it’s you. For those that follow astrology, you know that Venus Retrograde and Uranus Retrograde are both happening. It’s time to challenge what’s in your life and if it’s worth keeping around or not. It’s also a time to seek answers to finally solves the puzzles[...]

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